artificial intelligence

Apple Artificial Intelligence Chip

Artificial Intelligence For iPhone 8? Apple Working On Powerful Chip For Mobile Units, Self-Driving Cars

After Siri, Apple is playing catch up in the development of artificial intelligence technology and has been testing this on iPhone prototypes. more

Elon Musk Says We May Need To Become Part-Cyborg

Tesla Head Elon Musk Created Neuralink To Make Human Cyborgs

Elon Musk created Neuralink with the intention of connecting human brains to computers like a cyborg. more

Uber Experiments With Driverless Cars

Ford Shells Out $1 Billion For Argo AI Technology

Ford Shells Out $1 Billion to establish the Argo AI project. This investment includes the development of self-driving cars in a four-year time frame. more

Ford And GM Report Large Drops In Monthly Sales

Ford Acquires Argo AI in Bid to Develop Self-Driving Cars

Car manufacturer Ford recently announced that the company will invest $1 billion towards the research and development machine-learning startup firm Argo AI. more

Microsoft Won't Stop At Smartphones, Wants to Make Smartcars

Microsoft Won't Stop At Smartphones, Wants to Make Smartcars

Microsoft wants to put artificial intelligence in self-driving cars. More details here. more

More Anti-Tesla News: Intel Joins the 'Self Driving Car' Craze, Buys 15% of Digital Mapping Service HERE

Intel Joins the 'Self Driving Car' Craze, Buys 15% of Digital Mapping Service HERE

Intel joins the fully autonomous self driving craze and buys 15% of HERE, a digital mapping service owned by Audi, BMW, and Daimler. more

BEL: Cars On Display At The International Show

The Future Is Here! Honda NeuV Is Artificially Intelligent and Emotional

Honda's new concept car is equipped with artificial intelligence and runs on an "emotion" engine which allows it to interact with passengers. It is scheduled to be unveiled at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 5 to January 8. more

Honda NeuV Will Be at Geneva Motor Show 2017

The New Honda Concept Car, NeuV: Automated AI Emotion Engine Cars

Embracing the Honda concept car equipped with artificial intelligence. more

Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles

Apple, Google Now Venturing Into Car Technology, Making Them 'Connected'

Apple and Google are taking over the car market. Could this mean SkyNet would be in the form of vehicles? more

Artificial Intelligence

Honda Moves AI Efforts To Tokyo, Passes Up Silicon Valley

As traditional automakers like Toyota broaden their artificial intelligence (AI) footprint in Silicon Valley, Honda Motor Co. is breaking from tradition by establishing its AI research home in Tokyo, where the car giant is also based. more

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2015 International CES

Self-Driving Cars: California Maybe Seeing A.I. Drivers Soon

The tech startup has been given the state's approval to test its driverless program. more

Toyota President Akio Toyoda

Toyota Investing $1 Billion In A.I., Robotics Research Facility In Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley continues to receive interest from companies around the world, the latest being Toyota, which announced Friday that it will invest $1 billion in a research company in the area that will develop artificial intelligence and robotics. more


Musk Donates $14 Million to AI Research

No mention of demons this time. more

Pepper Robot from Softbank

Robot Knows Emotion

A new robot developed by a French robotics firm is said to be able to process human emotions based on voice and expressions. more

Baidu Logo

Baidu Opens Artificial Intelligence Lab

Baidu, China's top search engine, has a new research-and-development center close to Google headquarters. more

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