What is the Better Gearbox for Driving in Winter: Manual or Automatic Transmission?

Manual vs. Automatic: Which Gear is Better for Winter Driving?

A car's gearbox is what transmits the power to wheels via the axles! When driving in winter, the way shifting varies from each upshift, or downshift which matters. more

Winter Driving: The 10 Best SUV or Crossovers to Pick Out for Winter Time and Cold Weather

Not all cars are suited for winter driving, especially smaller cars. SUVs and Crossovers are the best options, with AWD and 4WD as drive trains. Higher clearance makes it easier to roam on any terrain. These vehicles are loaded with safety features up the gills! more

The 7 Must Have Items You Need in Your Car To Warm Up During The Winter Time

The 7 Must Have Items You Need in Your Car To Warm Up During The Winter Time

Cold weather is not conducive to driving anywhere. We have no choice, and that is about it. These 7 must-have items will keep the chill away. Plus, warm up everyone or just the driver for better comfort. more

Car Winter Essentials: Choosing the best Snow Shovel for Digging Cars Out and Clearing Driveways

Car Winter Essentials: Choosing the Best Snow Shovel for Digging Cars Out and Clearing Driveways

Top billing for most winter driving tips is how to drive, what to look out, and other concerns. These are car winter essentials that can get you out of sticky situations this winter. more

Here Are Two Pieces of Car Safety Equipment That Will Be Vital in Any Winter Emergency 1

These two pieces of winter safety equipment are a snow shovel and safety hammer. They are the best equipment in safety related circumstances. Getting trapped in car in a snow bound accident is deathly, breaking the glass to escape can be the only option. more

Winter Essentials and Gear You Will Need to Replace Tires and Do Minor Repairs if Needed

9 Winter Essentials and Gear You Must Carry in Your Car

Check out these winter essentials and gear that should be included in your car emergency kit. Tires cannot be replaced by using your hands and other minor repairs without the proper provisions. more

Winter Driving 101: How to do “The Scandinavian Flick” Drift Move in An Emergency

Roads in snow covered places are unpredictable and dangerous. In Scandinavia, they developed the Scandinavian Flick or Pendulum turn to regain control in wild turns. more

Winter Driving: The Most Common Engine Problems That affect Cars During the Winter Months

The good thing is that this guide shows what to expect. Yes, these are common engine problems, so who needs it? Just cross our fingers that if anything affects cars during winter that it is a quick fix! more

Winter Driving with These Essential Items that You Will Need for the Winter Survival Kit

11 Things Every Car Owner Must Have in Their Winter Survival Kit

Winter driving is all about preparedness, and this winter survival kit is a must for all motorists. To be prepared is better than not! more

When Trucking in The Winter: 11 Safety Rules for Truckers to Follow

Just like cars, they have more stringent rules! Every truck will need these pointers. All the 11 safety rules for truckers in winter trucking is essential. more

Winter Time: The 7 Tips Driving Safety Tips that Drivers Will Need to Avoid Accidents

This summarizes everything about what these 7 driving safety tips to avoid accidents is all about. Most of them are practical to apply in this specific driving situation. more

All You Need to Know to Pick Out the Right Snow Tire for Your Car and More!

Winter has come around and picking shoes for the car is crucial. For winter driving the right snow tire will offer benefits. They are value for money, handle, braking, and longer service life. more

Spotting Black ice and Avoiding it On Roads, Learn How to Drive over Black Ice if There Is

Black ice? Where there are severe and cold winters, they are a danger to motorists. Those who have been warned, but not familiar with it. Might be in for a nasty surprise without warning. Anyone on long road trips or those living in cold areas. Should know how to spot black ice. more

Six Reasons to Get an Extended Car Warranty

Six Reasons to Get an Extended Car Warranty

Many drivers don't even consider getting an extended warranty for their cars, despite there being many excellent reasons for doing so. Although some drivers can indeed benefit more than others from purchasing an extended car warranty, there are plenty of reasons why everyone can benefit from getting one. Check out the following six reasons so you can decide if getting an extended warranty is right for you. more

Winter Driving Tips 101: How to Drive A Car without Any Accidents in Winter Time

During winter driving gets more serious, because of winter crashes that have claimed a motorist in the expanse. These winter driving tips are all about safety! more

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