Trion Nemesis: The 2000-HP All-American Superhero

Oct 28, 2014 10:00 AM EDT | Jeff Jablansky

A California-based company has developed an answer to the question that few people seem to be asking: Is there a market for transportation capable of 270 MPH?

That company is Trion Supercars, and the result is the planned range of Nemesis models, which will render the automotive market's current power leaders obsolete. In business since 2012, Trion's mission seems to be knocking out the spectrum of the world's fastest cars—think Bugatti Veyron and Dodge Challeneger Hellcat—and resetting the performance bar.

Like many supercars that have yet to see the light of day, talk of the Nemesis range's power is purely hypothetical. The first models planned are the Nemesis N1-RR and N1-GT, which will both feature a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine with astonishing power. The manufacturer estimates that the N1-GT will route 1400 horsepower through a 7-speed sequential manual transmission, while the range-topping, race-inspired N1-RR will feature a 2000-horsepower variant of the engine coupled to an 8-speed sequential manual.

The least powerful model of the range is the all-electric Nemesis N1-E, which will utilize a 1000-hp motor. A hybrid model is also planned. For even more exclusivity, Trion will offer nine "Black Ops" copies of the Nemesis RR—for which no power or feature content information was released—should the supercar see production.

Beyond the impressive power, all of the Nemesis models look the part of true supercars. Scoops, louvers, and air dams-—presumably functional—dot the front and rear fasciae, giving the Nemesis a truly sinister look. Not surprisingly, for additional city stalking capability, "Predator Mode" transforms the Nemesis' ride height, suspension settings, exhaust note, and interior illumination.

Whether the Nemesis is vaporware or the real thing will be determined by a customer base looking for power for its own sake. One thing is for sure: If it gets the green-light for production, you'll almost surely hear it coming up behind you.

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