Two More Lawsuits Brought against Takata, Honda for Faulty Air Bags

Oct 21, 2014 04:32 PM EDT | Jordan Ecarma


Faulty Takata air bags have been connected with two more lawsuits regarding collisions in older Honda cars that took place in Florida.

In one case, 26-year-old Corey Burdick was driving his 2001 Honda Civic earlier this year when he was involved in a collision with another vehicle and suffered an eye injury "possibly caused by the air bag deployment," Reuters reported.

The Eustis, Fl., lawsuit seeks $15,000 in damages, and details how "shards of metal were propelled through the air bag's fabric and struck Corey Burdick in the eye, resulting in disfigurement, impaired vision and other severe permanent injuries."

The other lawsuit involves Stephanie Erdman, who was 28 at the time of the accident and driving her 2002 Civic in September 2013. When the Civic was involved in an accident with another vehicle, "shards of metal, like shrapnel, were propelled toward Stephanie Erdman ... striking (her) in the face and right eye," said court documents quoted by Reuters.

Seeking $1 million in damages, Erdman's lawsuit was filed in her home state of Texas, which is where she purchased the car. She was stationed at a Florida military base at the time of the accident.

Honda and Takata declined to comment to Reuters on the lawsuits, which are still pending.

On Monday, Toyota announced the recall of 247,000 vehicles equipped with Takata air bags, while U.S. regulators implored owners to bring their cars in for repairs.

Takata air bags have been related to at least four U.S. traffic deaths. In the latest report, Hien Tran, 51, died on October 2nd, four days after a crash in which Tran's 2001 Honda Accord struck another vehicle in Orlando and shrapnel from her air bag hit her, according to Reuters.

According to the medical examiner, she might have survived the injuries caused by the shrapnel, but head injuries not caused by the shrapnel were too severe.

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