Alternate Side Parking Suspended in NY For Two Weeks

Sep 26, 2014 03:30 PM EDT | Matt Mercuro

Starting on October 3 through October 19, at least half of all New Yorkers will have alternate side parking suspended for 16 straight days.

This means that some New Yorkers who hate having to move their car from side to side for street sweeping won't have to move their vehicles for 2 straight weeks, according to a Parallel Spaces Maps news release.

The city suspends street sweeping for 40 major holidays of every year. Thanks to a chance combination of combination of Alternate Side Parking holiday suspensions, Alternate Side rules will disappear temporarily.

"Next month we land on Free Parking." said Thomas Hibbard, president of Parallel Spaces Maps, LLC, according to a news release. "We will be able to leave the car on the Tue side of the street for over half the month! That is the longest stretch of suspended Alternate Side Parking rules since has been publishing its parking map (3 years)." 

When street sweeping days alternate, so does the side of the street where parking is legal. For example, on the Upper West Side the south side of the street has all day legal parking on Tuesdays. In October, thanks to a combination of religious and national holidays and the usual Sat/Sun non street sweeping days, parking on the Tuesday side of the street will be legal for over two weeks.   

In most residential neighborhoods, you're allowed to leave vehicles where you normally would on a Tuesday for 16 straight days, according to the release.

"The effect fewer days of moving their cars will have on the upkeep of their streets or the effects on parking availability is not clear, but this upcoming record-setting stretch of Alternate Side free days will be every New Yorker's chance to see what life would be like in the city without the daily cranking of engines, plumes of exhaust, and cars flitting back and forth across usually quiet streets," Parallel Spaces Maps said in the release.

Washington Heights was the first Community Board in Manhattan to successfully petition to have one fewer day of street sweeping back in 2011.

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