Google Glass Presents Heartwarming Short Film for Mother's Day (VIDEO)

May 10, 2014 10:35 AM EDT | Jordan Ecarma

Google has released a heartwarming short film shot with Google Glass as part of its ongoing campaign to spruce up the Glass image.

Called "Seeds," the two and a half-minute movie portrays a young man traveling from San Francisco to see his mother in India and tell her some good news, capturing moments from his journey along the way, TIME reported.

The short film, which was shot over a 10-day period in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and India, is part of the Google Glass Creative Collective, a collaboration with film and design schools that lets aspiring filmmakers create shorts with Glass.

"It was the first introduction to acting I've ever had," 23-year-old filmmaker Aneesh Chaganty, who plays the young man in the clip, told Mashable.

One of the main objections to Glass is privacy invasion, so Chaganty made the line clear with his shoot, which used both regular people and actors.

"We made it a very clear point to never show ... if someone was not aware that I was shooting, we would never show their full face. In fact there's one part we blurred," Chaganty told Mashable.

Madhumani Palla, a well-known Indian actress, played his mother. While the story is fiction, Chaganty does have roots in India and actually presented the short to his own mother for an early Mother's Day present.

Beginning to work with Glass in February, Chaganty found the device to be an interesting challenge to his filmmaking process. For the shoot, he took hours of footage and always carried backup battery chargers in his pockets.

"To tell a story where average shot length is 15 or 16 frames, to be able to convey a story where literally every single frame counts ... was really a challenge to shoot, but a lot of fun, to find those pieces and put that together," he told Mashable.

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