Olfacio App Lets Your iPad 'Smell' Flowers

Mar 10, 2014 05:05 PM EDT | Jordan Ecarma

The scent of bacon may or may not be your cup of tea, but just about everyone likes flowers. In that vein, developers have introduced Olfacio, a free iPad app that lets you create your own flower by mixing and matching two of 10 flower choices, LAPTOP Magazine reported.

Using the work of Belgian artist Peter De Cupere, the game works with 10 scratch-and-sniff cards, available for around $25. The artist is known for working with "multisensory exhibits" where images are paired with different scents.

Some flower options for the new game, which works with a free app available online, include the mint-scented "Laurus Flores," the fruity "Rubus Idaeus" and the soft "Persici Flores."

You will select the first flower, placing it scratch-and-sniff side down so the app can "smell" it, and then pick a second choice. The two flowers will be combined into a new seed through the onscreen "odor incubator," according to LAPTOP Magazine.

When the two choices are mixed, the app will show a unique new flower based on the combination. You can save the image to be printed or shared.

"With no special peripherals attached to the iPad we used, it actually seemed as if the tablet was smelling each card to figure out which type of flower it represented," LAPTOP Magazine noted.

The app would likely be especially popular with younger users since its technical aspects are well-hidden. The iPad seems to be "smelling" the card, but the app actually registers which flower is represented through a "unique touch-recognition pattern" built into the cards, LAPTOP Magazine reported.

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