Jeff Gordon, Pepsi Prank Reporter With Fake Police Chase (WATCH)

Feb 28, 2014 02:29 PM EST | Matt Mercuro

Last year NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and Pepsi played a prank on a car salesman in a video that ultimately went viral across the globe.

Most of the world was shocked that a celebrity like Gordon could pull off the prank, but not everyone was impressed.

Travis Okulski, a writer for Jalopnik and car enthusiast, said in a statement he believed the video was fake. Upon learning Okulski's feelings for the video, Gordon and Pepsi decided it was time another prank.

In the sequel, Okulski is seen getting into a cab, but what he didn't realize is that Gordon himself was behind the wheel, thanks to makeup, fake tattoos, and phoney facial hair. 

The "cabbie" gets pulled over by a police officer, where Gordon begins to start losing it, talking about his fear of going back to jail, before ultimately deciding to drive away with Okulski still in the vehicle.

Okulski, who still had no idea he was being pranked, begs the driver to pull over multiple times as the driver tries to avoid the police. The prank is finally revealed when Gordon pulls into a warehouse decked out in Pepsi Max banners.

Gordon introduces himself to a scared Okulski, before asking him if he wants to go on another ride.

"Yes," Okulski says in a response to the former NASAR Sprint Cup champion.

Okulski took to Twitter to confirm the video was legit.

So what do you think of the prank? Did Okulski deserve it? Or did Gordon/Pepsi go too far this time?

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