Facebook Designer Creates Reporter App To Track the Data of Your Life

Feb 08, 2014 11:21 AM EST | Jordan Ecarma


In case technology isn't already involved enough in your life, a former Facebook cohort has come up with an app that can track your activities and help you identify patterns.

Created by former Facebook designer and engineer Nicholas Felton, the app is called Reporter and records such details as how well you sleep and how many steps you take, Yahoo Tech reported.

Described as a "private and hyperconscious app," Reporter takes down details through the iPhone's tracking capabilities and your answers to questions throughout the day, according to Yahoo Tech.

"The result, if you're persistent, is the ability to measure and evaluate your relationships, priorities, happiness and health over time based on each day's circumstances," Yahoo Tech's Alyssa Bereznak described.

Felton came up with the app after spending 79 hours collecting data about himself in 2012. The designer discovered how often he was productive and what times he was most productive; he also knew when he was alone and how much time he spent sleeping, The Verge reported.

The new app, which is available for $3.99, lets users have a similar experience tracking the data of their lives. Reporter asks you questions throughout the day such as "Where are you?" or "What are you doing?"

Users can tailor the personal app to themselves by adding their own questions. Reporter will also check in at various times to monitor the noise around you by accessing your microphone and connecting to your photos to see how many pictures you've taken.

Once you've built up some data, you can use the app to look at old reports. The app can reveal levels of productivity, what days you sleep best and when you report being the happiest.

For developer Drew Breunig, the autosuggest was an important lesson.

"Some of the most interesting things I learn are not from visualizations but from the app's autosuggest," Breunig told The Verge. "I typed in M (in response to 'Who are you with?') and got my co-worker Mary instead of my wife, Megan. It was a scary point when I thought I'd been working too much and should spend more time at home."

With the prevalance of hacking, one thing to consider is whether or not the app keeps your data completely secure. It's food for thought especially when technology is tracking these highly personal moments from your daily life.

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