Fixed: This New App Contests Parking Tickets for You

Jan 20, 2014 04:31 PM EST | Jordan Ecarma

The latest up and coming app does more than let you play Angry Birds or even order a pizza from your car. Fixed is the new app that will go to court for you after you get a parking ticket, Yahoo! Autos reported.

Found at, the app is being tested in San Francisco among drivers with iOS devices and has enjoyed "strong demand," according to Yahoo.

Fixed, which could come to the rest of the country soon, is the app for when you get a parking ticket you don't believe you deserved. The app offers an option to challenging a ticket in court.

Drivers who want to contest a parking ticket can take a photo of the ticket, upload it to Fixed and enter the violation number along with an explanation of why the ticket was undeserved.

Fixed will match the motorist with an attorney and provide a calculation of the driver's odds of winning in court. People can decide if they want to go through with the case; if they do, Fixed prepares a letter contesting the ticket. The driver then digitally signs and sends the letter.

Along with covering the basic steps, Fixed can provide extra information about the incident to help your case. An example that Yahoo listed is deciding if the parking spot had a slope steep enough to make it necessary to curb the car's wheels.

With the app, the driver won't have to set foot in the courtroom. If the attorney wins the case, the driver pays 25 percent of the ticket fee, which goes to Fixed. If the ticket holds up, the driver has to pay it but owes Fixed nothing.

While it's still in beta, demand for the new app has been high. Drivers can go to the website and enter their email addresses to be put on the waiting list. They'll eventually receive an invite to download the app.

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