5 Must-See Robots from International CES

Jan 09, 2014 02:50 PM EST | Jordan Ecarma

The 2014 International CES has given the world an $8,000 wonder bed and cars that can park themselves and pick you up at the door, but the tech advances didn't stop there.

This year's electronics convention, which boasted more than 3,200 exhibitors, also showcased the latest in robotics technology, The Guardian reported. Featured robots ranged from useful to fun to downright creepy. Here are some of the highlights.


Never clean your barbecue by hand again. The steel-brushed Grillbot quickly cleans grill bars by moving around the grill for a set amount of time, regulating its speed and direction automatically. The small robot can even work while the grill is still warm, so you don't have to wait until it cools off.


This handy robot sticks to windows, washing them as it moves about 6 inches per second. Dust, dirt and grime are washed away autonomously.

Five Elements Budgee

The Budgee is relatively close to being in your home--it's set to be a Kickstarter project in the near future. Slated to go for $1,299 on the crowd-funding site, the Budgee will follow you faithfully while carrying shopping items, laundry and whatever else you need. The robot, which can change eye color, is controlled through a phone or tablet.

Future Robot FURO-S

Called "possibly the creepiest robot at CES this year," this service robot has a simulated human face for a head, according to The Guardian.

"Carrying a screen, the robot is designed with advertising or shopping in mind, and reacts to people through its facial, gesture and voice recognition all with an emoting face."


Purported to be the most intelligent smartphone robot in the world, the Tyche is child-friendly and can recognize people, listen and talk back. Using an Android smartphone for a "brain," the Tyche solves problems autonomously and can be customized through an open software platform.

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