CarGuard Trevor Smith's Advice on Vehicle Service Contracts

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CarGuard Trevor Smith's Advice on Vehicle Service Contracts

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Running into an issue with a vehicle is stressful enough, but doing so once it exits the warranty stage brings about a whole new set of worries. Vehicle service contracts exist to cover any issues that arise after the warranty ends.

Unfortunately, vehicle service contracts can be intimidating for drivers or companies that do not understand how to offer them. Read on to learn what vehicle service contracts are designed to cover, how they differ from warranties, and why they are important to drivers and companies alike.

What are Vehicle Service Contracts?

A vehicle service contract is an agreement that covers vehicle problems or repairs after the dealer or manufacturer warranty expires. Customers will purchase a vehicle service contract within a certain period.

Vehicle service contracts are expected to cover specific issues. At CarGuard, you can find five different forms of coverage:

●      Prepaid maintenance

●      Flat-rate coverage

●      Powertrain

●      Gold

●      Platinum

These plans cover anything from regular maintenance expenses to major parts and systems, like engines, transmission, air conditioning, and steering.

CarGuard Trevor Smith has discovered that offering a wider range of plans makes vehicle service contracts more affordable and accessible for certain drivers. Everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with vehicle protection.

The Difference Between Vehicle Service Contracts and Warranties

Certain cars come with warranties offered by the dealership, manufacturer, or even both. These are automatically rolled into the purchase price, and they cover certain repairs or defects for a specified time.

Warranties usually expire in an "x years or xx,000 miles" period, meaning that once drivers surpass that time or mileage (whichever comes first), the coverage ends.

This is where a vehicle service contract comes into play. While these may cost extra, they extend the period of security well beyond the initial warranty period. A car repair can be a devastating unexpected cost, and vehicle service contracts work well to reduce the impact.

Vehicle service contracts are also better designed with customer service in mind. CarGuard Trevor smith knows that jumping through hoops to get a claim covered can be exhausting. This is why all CarGuard adjusters are mechanics; they can provide a quick and accurate claim directly to drivers with no middleman.

Why Vehicle Service Contracts are Important

A vehicle service contract is one of those things that does not seem too important until it is necessary, but CarGuard Trevor Smith knows just how valuable the security can be.

Vehicle service contracts provide great value to drivers. Instead of getting hit with costly repairs, a vehicle service contract is there to absorb these unexpected costs that can add up as vehicles age.

Additional features like rental car coverage ensure that the driver's day is not thrown off course by a needed repair. Assistance also comes in the form of:

●      Free towing

●      Trip interruption service

●      Roadside assistance

CarGuard Trevor Smith runs a vehicle service company that is dedicated to tackling what is important to drivers, not what will make the most money. Vehicle service contracts are made valuable by what they have to offer to make a driver's day less stressful.

How CarGuard Trevor Smith Runs a Vehicle Service Contract Company the Right Way

Running a vehicle service contract company is no easy task, but CarGuard Trevor Smith makes it look easy.

The key is keeping customers and clients first. These are the people who keep everything running, and they deserve every ounce of respect and honesty.

Communication during the claims process is essential to running a reputable business. This is why each CarGuard vehicle service plan is written in easy to understand language.

CarGuard claims adjusters are all trained mechanics, meaning they can create an accurate and detailed claim that is fair to the driver and adequate to cover costs. They are also prepared to hop on a phone call to explain all the details as needed.

CarGuard plans are designed to be forward-centric and consumer-based, so they are some of the most innovative and comprehensive plans out there.

It is because of all these pillars that CarGuard Trevor Smith is able to successfully maintain a renowned and successful vehicle service contract company.

CarGuard Trevor Smith and the PACE Convention

CarGuard Trevor Smith has undoubted faith in the power of superb customer service. This is part of the reason why CarGuard is a Silver Partner for the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) Convention October 26-27.

The convention covers many topics to help attendees reconnect, learn, and advocate for business practices that keep customer service at their hearts.

Final Thoughts

Vehicle service contracts are essential to the continuous care of both cars and drivers. Comprehensive plans at competitive pricing make these accessible to all, and stellar customer service ensures that drivers get the most out of what they pay for.

By implementing these standards in business, CarGuard maintains its position as one of the most forthright vehicle service contract providers.

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