Compensation in a Commercial Vehicle Accident

Aug 30, 2021 06:39 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

Compensation in a Commercial Vehicle Accident

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When you are involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, there is a much greater chance that your injuries will be more severe, more extensive, and even more permanent than if you had an accident with another car. This is easy to understand since you have just been struck by a vehicle that is quite large and heavy and for which your car offered almost no protection.

Dealing with your injuries, you have decided to seek compensation for the expenses you have incurred and for those that may be in your future. You have chosen to get legal representation and are ready to fight to get the justice you deserve.

What plays a role in the amount of compensation you might receive?

The extent of your injuries is a critical factor in the final amount of your award. More so if they are permanent injuries and significantly painful. Also, if they will be accompanied by residual damages like PTSD and other emotional issues. Your accident attorney will help you understand how much you can expect to receive when all of these factors are considered. Your lawyer will also be aware that, when it comes to commercial vehicles, the award you receive might be significantly more valuable than when dealing exclusively with a car driver since damages tend to be more catastrophic when commercial vehicles are involved.

Speed is also of the essence. Letting time go by without taking any action may have you facing an impossible case if the statute of limitations has run out. Also, if you fail to seek immediate medical attention or any gaps in your medical care, this information may be used against you both by the insurance company and the trucker, and the trucking company you are up against.

What damages might be awarded in a commercial vehicle accident?

Your lawyer will help you efficiently and effectively pursue your case against a commercial vehicle driver, convincing the other party that you are entitled to receive a substantial monetary award. This award might include damages like:

●       Present and future medical expenses

●       Wages you have lost and those you will not be able to earn in the future

●       Pain and suffering and other emotional distress you may be experiencing

●       Permanent disability or disfigurement

●       Wrongful death

Every accident case is unique, and the details of your life or those of your loved one in cases of death are vital in determining the value of the compensation that will be awarded.

Why is it essential to have legal representation in a case against a commercial vehicle driver?

You cannot go it alone in a personal injury case against a truck driver, their trucking company, and the insurance company. The law is just too complicated, and the other party will certainly have a team of experts defending them. You need an experienced lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve, whether achieved through settlement negotiation, if you have to go through mediation or arbitration, or if your case ends up in court. Your car accident lawyers should have plenty of experience in this area of the law and conduct a tough negotiation while defending your rights.


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