What Happens if a CDL Driver Gets in an Accident?

Jul 16, 2021 12:12 AM EDT | Staff Reporter

What Happens if a CDL Driver Gets in an Accident?

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Each year, over 4,000 people are killed or injured in commercial vehicle accidents in the United States. In many cases, collisions between small vehicles and trucks account for more than two-thirds of all fatalities. Others are caused by motorcyclists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Most truck accident victims suffer catastrophic injuries, and some of the victims die on the spot. The survivors require immediate medical attention to try to stabilize them from their injuries.

Factors to Determine the Cause of the Accident:

●      Impaired judgment due to alcohol and drugs

●      Driving while distracted

●      Tired driving

●      Getting disoriented

●      Inadequate training

●      Inadequate maintenance

●      Defective vehicle components

It is generally difficult for police to prove the cause of a crash solely on the factors listed above. As a result, forensic agencies are sometimes called in to investigate some of these cases to obtain information that will reveal the driver's intentions before the accident. They go above and beyond to explore the truck's condition leading up to the crash.

Get Medical Help as Soon as Possible

The first consideration in the event of an accident should be your health. Don't assume you're fine if you have no immediate symptoms or only minor injuries. The majority of injuries sustained in a car collision take time to appear as pain or discomfort. To prove that your injuries result from the accident, you must get medical help as quickly as possible. It can be challenging to establish a link between the accident and the actions taken later. Taking early action will also assist in determining whether you have any inside injuries, as the doctor will be able to do tests and scans to identify any other medical problems present.

Report to the Authorities

All involved drivers should remain at the location until authorities arrive to assess the situation. In most circumstances, the police assist the injured while also dispatching an ambulance to the scene to transport them to a medical facility.

Even though there is a five-day timeframe for reporting fatal incidents, they should always be notified immediately. Dial 911 at the collision location, and officials will arrive in no time to document the incident.

If the commercial truck was transporting persons or household goods, the truck driver has 30 days to make a report. All records, particularly for carriers, must be preserved for one year and should be made available to the public utilities commission enforcement officers for determination upon their request.

The police play an essential role at the accident scene, interviewing witnesses, passengers, and drivers when they arrive. Aside from that, they photograph the site and map out the situation to better understand how the accident occurred.

What Happens if the Driver Acted Intentionally

The truck driver's irresponsible conduct is not the responsibility of the employer. This signifies that the employee's acts are unrelated to the company's aim for which they work.

Seek a Truck Accident Lawyer

Suppose you or a member of your family was involved in an 18 wheeler accident; you should contact a qualified truck accident lawyer right away to listen to your case, make a legal claim, and resolve it as quickly as possible.

If your loved one is gravely harmed, you can assist them in navigating the complicated insurance and legal entanglements surrounding the case. It may be tough to comprehend or follow through on all of the processes mentioned above, but that does not mean you cannot help your loved one.

A CDL accident lawyer will assist you in several ways. They'll fight tooth and nail to get you the settlement money you need to pay for all of your current and future medical expenditures, as well as lost wages.

Truck accidents are complicated affairs that involve multiple stakeholders, including the manufacturer, the driver, and the firm. Therefore, it entails far more than simply adhering to traffic laws. Aside from that, there are a few federal regulations to follow when it comes to truck vehicles.

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