Looks Matter – Why Do People Love Driving SUVs?

Nov 21, 2020 11:22 AM EST | Ernest Hamilton

Looks Matter – Why Do People Love Driving SUVs?

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Budget aside, choosing a car is very much a matter of personal taste. Some people want their cars to be fast and furious, some are all for small and compact vehicles to help them get around town with ease, and then there are others who are hopelessly in love with SUVs. And it's safe to say that the latter are quite a crowd. Certain people simply can't see themselves driving any other car than an SUV, and we have nothing against that. 

But this brings us to the question we're trying to answer: with all the makes and models in the automotive market, why do so many people choose to drive SUVs? What causes this fervent devotion towards SUVs when there are so many other cars under the sun, and a lot of them much more affordable? Well, we've been asking around and apparently there are plenty of reasons for it. So let's find out what SUV lovers have to say about it. 

Looks matter

Starting with the most superficial reason of them all, but a valid one nonetheless, SUVs are highly appreciated for their looks. Not everyone is a skilled mechanic or a car savvy who understands what's under the hood, but everyone can see and SUVs are a sight for sore eyes. Many people are simply lured by their appearance and who can blame them for it?  SUVs are bold, strong, imposing, some look sporty and tough, other classy and elegant, and all of them turn heads when they're cruising. That's why people get that little sparkle in their eyes when they see a Lincoln SUV or a similar vehicle driving by. What can we say, looks can go a long way. 

They're spacious

For those who like their cars spacious, SUVs never disappoint. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an SUV is space, lots of it. There's plenty of legroom and headroom in an SUV, usually more than one might need, but instead of buying a car that makes everyone feel like they're confined in a tiny box, most people prefer to choose the extra space. Even if you don't necessarily need all that space, it makes for a luxurious experience. Needless to say, SUVs are an ideal option for large families that require more seating capacity. Nobody wants to be crammed into a small car and gasp for air during long rides.  

They make you feel safe

Looks and space might please the eyes and soul, but safety should always come first. Looking at things from a practical perspective, SUVs are strong and sturdy and they give you a sense of protection and safety. Even if SUVs don't provide extra safety features, drivers and passengers tend to feel safer when riding in a larger and heavier vehicle. The taller the better is what most car buyers have in mind when looking to purchase an SUV as higher ground clearance provides more comfort and gives the impression of a more reliable vehicle. 

Impressive cargo capacity

For many people these days cars are like their second homes - they're constantly on the road, so they practically live in them. Since they're always out and about they also need to take a lot of stuff with them, and that's when cargo space becomes extremely important. For those avid travelers who seem to be carrying their house around with them all the time and for those who actually do that because they move quite often, SUVs are life savers. 

Regular cars can't compete with SUVs in this regard, so that's why people who carry large loads frequently have a soft spot for them. When you need to pack your things and move but you don't want to rely on a delivery service, an SUV can do the heavy lifting. Besides, most SUVs also have a good towing capacity, so if you need to tow a trailer, they're a great option.

Good car for bad weather 

As folk wisdom teaches us, the sky isn't always blue and the sun doesn't always shine. But if you're driving an SUV such meteorological matters should pose no concerns. What we're trying to say is that SUVs are great cars for bad weather. They perform exceptionally well in rough weather conditions. Now you might not be able to drive them to the North Pole, but if you live in an area with harsh winters, and snow, sleet and icy roads sound like a familiar scenario, a sturdy SUV might be exactly what you need. Come storms, high winds or frost, an SUV will get your through it all.  

Adventure ready 

Adventure seekers need a car that can keep pace with them. When you hear the call of the wild, you can't respond by jumping in a teeny-tiny town car and driving into the sunset hoping for the best. That's not going to get you very far, and we mean that in a literal sense. What you need is a car you can count on, a vehicle that can withstand the roughest road conditions and be a reliable off-road adventure companion. I think we just described an SUV here. A lot of car buyers choose SUVs because of their passion for exploring the wilderness and traveling on unbeaten tracks. 

They're fun 

Last but not least, SUVs are fun to drive. Despite the fact that they're bigger and heavier than your average city car, SUVs are neither slow nor heavy to drive. You can enjoy smooth and comfortable rides when you get behind the wheel of an SUV. Luxury SUVs can even give you the feeling that you're actually flying down the road. Apart from that, you'll definitely feel like a rock star when you get into a shiny rugged SUV, so in a way they're also empowering. It's really about the experience you get when you drive such a car, not only its practical attributes.

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