Preparing Your Child to Receive Their Driver's License

Oct 13, 2020 09:14 PM EDT | Ernest Hamilton

Preparing Your Child to Receive Their Driver's License

(Photo : Preparing Your Child to Receive Their Driver's License)

As a parent, watching your child grow into different stages of life can be both exciting and nerve wracking, preparation is the best way to combat the latter. Traditional drivers training courses will teach your child the basics and give them on the road experience, but how does that translate to giving you the confidence to know that they will be safe and able to handle this new found independence? If they will be driving their own vehicle that is newly purchased for the family sit down together and look online at various car buying resources. Since this will be a new type of purchase for your child, starting with a low commitment online search can show them what is acceptable for their needs and budget, and not just what is 'cool.'

Start with the Basics

After you have figured out which vehicle your child will primarily drive, get them familiar with the bells and whistles of that specific car. You don't have to read through the entire owner's manual together, but take some time to at least cover the essentials and physically show them where the most important features are, gas gauge, registration, hazard lights, etc. Consider having them take their road test in the vehicle that they will be driving so that they can get an idea for how it handles, and they can get constructive feedback from their administrator on where they excel and needed areas for improvement before they are on their own. 

Upgrade Their Maintenance Knowledge

Both you and the new driver in your life are going to feel a lot more at ease if they are sent out on the road with the tools to handle a basic roadside emergency. Start with a standard emergency kit with, jumper cables, first aid items, flashlight, and any other items that seem like reasonable necessities, but can still fit in a small bag in the trunk. Using an enthusiast site, they provide how-to guides that can walk through tasks that range from changing a flat, the oil, and can provide access to blogs written by people who know cars inside and out and use exciting language and photos to make responsibility seem attractive and not lame. Even if maintenance is something that you plan to always outsource these resources will at least teach them the vocabulary associated with these common tasks so that when they have to handle them without you, they can feel calm and confident to troubleshoot the process. 

Show Them that Responsibility Can Be Fun

If your child loves their car and gets interested in the industry as a hobby, they are more likely to care for their own vehicle in a way that simultaneously makes you feel secure. Knowing that you have fostered a new hobby for your child also gives you something in common with them to keep communication open and creates a common interest between you two. By checking out some of the classic cars, these vintage rides will give your new driver an appreciation for how far cars have come, and show maintenance is the key to a long vehicle life.

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