Start a Courier Business Step By Step

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Start a Courier Business Step By Step

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The market of goods is not like it was once upon a time. We don't have to go through the hassle of going to the actual shop to get something you need. Now you can quickly get products big or small by shopping online. 

As far as delivery goes, courier services are the way to go. Courier businesses are making a heap of money with the increase in popularity of online shopping. So if you are thinking of starting your courier service, then you are not crazy.

You can be your boss if you are a hard worker with dedication and discipline. The key is impeccable logistics. 

Furthermore, you have to keep your workers alert, punctual, and capable of transporting fragile goods. You never know when you have to make a delivery, so that work may span throughout the week.

Fleet Tracking Systems use GPS technology to track vehicles so that you know exactly where goods are. People do not like uncertainty when their money and time are on the line.

Read on to know what you have to do to start your own courier business right from step one. But before that, let's take a look at the different types of courier services there are.

Types Of Courier Business That You Can Choose From

International Courier Business

This business type is for the entrepreneur who has some money to invest in flights or ship delivery. Don't hesitate out of intimidation. The money is not the factor that will bring success. It's your integrity and leadership. Moreover, there is no shame in borrowing money from a bank or even better, family or friends.

Drone Drop Off

Technology is a beautiful thing that is revolutionizing the way we behave. So let's say that you do not have the capital to hire employees. Maybe you do not have a suitable vehicle either. If that is the case, then this option is for you.

Get yourself a drone and drop off parcels with remote control. It's as plain and simple as that. Drones save money in the long run. With that money, you can buy more drones and expand your business.

Van Courier Business

This type of business is the traditional courier business model that can handle large packages. You can start with one van and at least two people including the driver. This way, heavy lifting with care is a promise that you can brag about in your promotions.

Motorbike Courier Business

Motorcycle delivery is excellent for food and small packages. The great thing about bikes is that they can easily maneuver through traffic, thus saving a great deal of time. Timeliness is the key to the success and reputation of your courier business.

Cycle Courier

If you are young and don't have enough money, then this option is perfect for you. And even if you have some money to invest, the cycle courier is lucrative. You can buy several bicycles for cheap and expand your business rapidly.

Same Day Courier Business

If timeliness is something that you are good at, then this is the way to go. People want what they order online the day they hit the purchase button. For this reason, the same day courier services are quite popular.

Business Plan

You need a good business plan. This point is at the top of the list because it incorporates all the other aspects that are to follow. Be realistic but hopeful and set your vision and take baby steps to reach it.

Mode of Transport

Next, choose the type of vehicle or package transporter that you wish to use. It may be one that you already have or want to buy. The choice that you make will determine your business model. You can even consider a mix and blend of transport.


The courier business is all about ensuring the safety of packages. This means you need a secure place that can hold goods temporarily. Big or small, the storage facility should portray the organization of space. 


Think about what you need other than a vehicle. For instance, you will need a GPS navigation system that guides your driver and informs your client. Other than that, you may also need drones as an alternate means of delivery.


Get insurance unless you want an abrupt end to your business and an ocean of debt. One 500-year-old painting with damage at delivery, and you are in deep trouble. So the best way to make sure that you and your client receive compensation is insurance.


The next couple of points will talk about corporate identity. Who are you as a business is a heap of paperwork and implementations. However, that cannot be your calling card. You need a sweet and simple logo that is completely clear about what you do. 

The logo should instantly clarify the nature of your business. Keep it simple but true to the mission, vision, and goals of your organization.

Business Name

The business name is just like the logo. It will be the calling card of your service, so choose wisely.

Get Legal 

Acquire registration for the business and become a legal operation. There should be no shady aspect of your business as far as the government and law is concerned.

Get a Business Bank Account

Keep your money and business money separate from the start. If you do not have a separate business bank account, make one. It will be hard to keep track of the flow of money without one.

Range of Services That You Wish To Offer

Can you deliver within a day? What about live animals or expensive artwork. What you can offer will increase with experience. However, you should state what you cannot do so that there is no mishap.

Pricing Structure 

Set a price that will bring food to the table and be competitive to the rates your competition offers.    

Know The Area Where You Will Be Operating

Technology like GPS is excellent, but if you don't know your area, it might affect the delivery time. For this reason, it is wise to know your area. Moreover, you will be able to advertise more effectively.

Marketing Your Courier Business

Advertise your business locally and on the internet on social networks. If you don't want to do the leg work, then seek affordable professional help.

Recruit The Right Employees

You can start all by yourself, but as your business expands, you need some reliable help. Do background checks and test their honesty. No one wants predators knocking on their doors.

Expansion of Your Business

Remember the different types of courier services in the beginning?  Start with a bicycle and expand to international trips within a year or two if you play your cards right. 

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