Prototyping Makes Custom Auto Parts Easy

Aug 14, 2020 11:44 AM EDT | Ernest Hamilton

Prototyping Makes Custom Auto Parts Easy

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Our modern cars today are the result of the mass market. New versions are developed every year and they are all pretty much the same thing. You can get a few standard options like a leather interior or an enhanced sound system. But it doesn't make your car stand out. If you seriously want to perk up your vehicle, consider custom auto parts manufacturing. 

New Manufacturing Techniques Ensure Customization

CNC machining has the ability to create virtually any geometry. Electrical Discharge machining can help you manufacture injection molds and dies to produce complex plastic elements. 3D-printing can get you single parts within a day and silicone molding can increase that number up to a thousand. Grinding and polishing will provide you with a smooth surface finish, painting and powder dye will offer unique textures and colors. If your part is made of aluminum, you can anodize it for a colored metal look. 

The capabilities and varieties of the manufacturing techniques have grown so much that the only thing that limits the customization you want to get is your imagination. And another positive point is that the majority of those techniques are inexpensive and they provide rapid results.

If You Want to Make More Auto Custom Parts

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One of the great things about CNC machine shop for your manufacturing need is easy scaling. Say, you've invented an interesting custom auto solution. It turned out so well that your friends and other people are asking for it. It is potential for an actual business, right? Well, the great thing is that the first part is the most expensive. Other custom CNC parts, if you order from the same machine shop, will come considerably cheaper. That is because you only need to make an NC program or an injection mold once. Then, you can use them to scale up. 

Using CNC Machining You Can Change the Design Faster

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Manufacturing custom auto parts often require lots of changes. You may need to implement some minor or major changes into your prototype version two or three etc. Usually, that means a lot of additional work and added costs. However, by using modern CNC machining control systems, you can add or remove features with only minor corrections to the NC program. The automatic path generation in modern CAM systems will do the job while the machinist only has to check the program. 

The Advantages of Auto Custom Parts Machining

There are lots of advantages to manufacturing customized automotive parts using machining techniques. 

  1. Custom machined parts can be used to check your design for manufacturing. Optimization of the design can only be checked by the actual machining processes. You can only estimate whether a part can be machined by simulation and trial. 

  2. Machined custom parts are ready for use right after the machine tool. However, you can add some type of coating for enhanced life, hardness, or aesthetics.

  3. You can achieve tight tolerances and make complex surfaces. 3-5- axis CNC milling, turning, EDM, grinding ensures that the required precision is met. 

  4. You don't have to worry about the material. CNC machining can process them all. One of the major advantages of machining is that there are lots of cutting tools that can cut even the hardest of materials. 

Which Custom Parts Are Better? Plastic or Metal

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Should you 3D-print a model or make a silicone mold made of plastic or should you rather pick a harder material and cut it to the desired size. We advise you to look into two main parameters: weight and strength. If the strength of the part is crucial, pick custom metal parts that can withstand high stresses will do the trick. However, if the element is supposed to have good aesthetics and complex features, and small weight, you should go for custom plastic parts. The greatest advantage of manufacturing prototypes with plastics is that you can 3D print even the most complex of shapes fast and with a good degree of accuracy. 

Where Customization Can Boost Your Car

We are used to thinking that customization is a beauty thing. Nonetheless, customized CNC machined automotive parts can boost your car. For example, a lot of drivers change car hoods and other casing elements with carbon fiber. Not only does it boost appearance but it makes the car 15% lighter. That is valuable for speed and fuel consumption. Some parts like brakes and coils are not made to last much longer than 3-5 years while the car itself can work for decades. You can change those with custom ones for prolonged use. 

Car lights are another thing entirely. You can significantly boost the capacity of your lighting by manufacturing custom lens and reflectors. If you like driving in the night or during a mist, which will be most advantageous. Special light guides will require both machining and polishing to have the desired clarity. 

You can even machine custom wheels for your vehicle. If you manage to make them lighter than your stock wheels, you'll be able to drive faster. And you can always make the wheels larger for better torque (to be able to drive through rough terrain easier). Custom wheels are CNC machined from a large block of metal.   Check out PartsAvatar's wheel bearing that offer several categories of the same and that too at competitive prices. You will get a wide range of genuine Toyota parts at competitive prices and offers. 

Using CNC Machining Services for Custom Production

While it may be a fun and eventful enterprise to make a custom prototype of the car on your own: buying or renting the equipment, learning to process different materials through trial and error, doing manual polishing and other finishing operations, and so on. Prototyping on your own will take a lot of time. If you really want to see your idea and your design come into reality, it would be much faster to contact capable custom CNC machining services.

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