8 Tips To Make Private Driving Practice After Lockdown Easier

Jul 14, 2020 10:55 AM EDT | Staff Reporter

8 Tips To Make Private Driving Practice After Lockdown Easier

(Photo : 8 Tips To Make Private Driving Practice After Lockdown Easier)

Learning how to drive depends mostly on practice. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is obvious that like everything, your driving practice is disrupted as well. You may not want to get your car out during a lockdown, but with no practice over the months, hitting the road will get difficult once the lockdown gets lifted. Here is where we can make it easier.

We have put together 8 tips to guide you in driving practice. These are very simple yet useful tips and even an amateur will find no trouble getting behind the wheel post-lockdown. 

1) Brush Up The Introductory Lessons

If you have plenty of free time during the lockdown, the best thing to do would be to start revising the lessons you had during your initial classes to ease yourself up. Look up the important functions and parts of the cars like the cockpit, mirrors, biting point, and so on. Think as if it is your first class, minus your instructor.

2) The Perfect Driving Spot Is The Key

In this case, the keyword is quiet. Look for places that are quiet and usually less crowded to practice your driving after the lockdown is over. The busier and chaotic places you choose, the more confused and nervous you will get. Also, you do not want to cause an accident around pedestrians.

If you are confused and unable to find better spots, you can contact your nearest driving school and book appointments. For this, we would highly recommend only reliable driving schools. For example, the Learn To Drive driving school is very reliable and has some of the best offers for you to book or purchase lessons online. For more info, visit https://learntodrivedrivingschool.com.au/

3) Prepare As Much As You Can Beforehand

If you are still anxious about how and where you will start your practices, look out for spots, and plan accordingly. For example, find out ahead on how long will it take to reach there, which roads are safer to take, how long you will be practicing, and which maneuvers you will be practicing.

If you are not familiar with the spots and do not want to take the risk of getting infected by getting out, you can do internet sleuthing. You can join forums and talk with fellow driving newbies who will be able to help you with spots and tips along with their personal experiences. Additionally, having people to share the same level of dilemma or nervousness and talking it out will help in diminishing your anxiety into half.

4) Stick To The Old Lessons, Avoid Improvising

At this moment you do not need to practice to learn new things, this will just further put more pressure on you. Stick to what your instructor taught you, and keep on practicing to perfect those maneuvers. Trying to learn any new maneuvers by yourself may land you in a fatal injury or a mental breakdown at the least.

If you have not given the test yet, you should keep in mind that the test will be based on only the maneuvers your instructor taught you, and nothing more.

5) Stress Less

Start slow after the lockdown lifts. Lower your expectations and understand that you will not be driving like a pro on day 1 after months of no practice. Simply set smaller but attainable goals to reach, especially ones that would not stress you out even if you cannot reach them in the first try.

6) P-Plates As Precaution

If you were using P-Plates before lockdown, consider using them post-lockdown as well. This will alert other drivers in the road of a relatively new driver, which will hopefully make them more understanding towards you even if you make trivial mistakes.

However, do not think of this as a permanent solution as P-Plates are solely used to gain real driving experience while allowing minor errors. If you feel your skills are lower than that of a probationary driver, it is recommended to not hit the bustling city streets right away.

7) Avoid Unnecessary Speeding

With lesser cars on the roads, some drivers have been reportedly driving recklessly. You do not want to fall in those criteria, so while looking out for such drivers, keep an eye at your speed level as well. Stay in the safe zone by simply driving below the speed limits.

These few months of staying at home might dull your driving reflexes and perceptions due to the lack of practice - an important factor to consider here while starting your driving practices.

Most importantly, do not neglect the mirrors! Always use them to look out for other cars and vehicles so that you do not cause any injuries by rotating your head back or sideways and overlooking any vehicles coming across you.

8) Cars Too Require Care

Just like you care about your skin and put on sunscreen before going out in the heat, your car needs to be cared for as well. Look out for the basic maintenance issues like tire pressures, engine oil, refueling, etc. Always keep enough fuel to get to the station to fill up.

Bonus Tip: Take Care of Your Car During Lockdown Too! 

Cars left unused or undriven will show signs of damage. More specifically, the battery can die down. Given the lockdown, that is a distinct possibility. Therefore, take care of your car by occasionally starting your car and slowly checking if all the major functionalities are working properly or not. 

Final Thoughts

For starters, driving cars can be tricky. With the additional long hiatus due to the pandemic, starters may find it difficult to start over once the lockdown is lifted. If you are one of them, rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, many expert drivers might even face problems hitting the road after such a long break. 

With our clear guidelines, we hope you safely resume your practice and regain your confidence to hit the roads. For now, keep practicing your lessons by maintaining social distancing protocols until the government lifts the lockdown.

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