5 Tips To Get That Driving License Under One Take

Jun 28, 2020 12:49 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

5 Tips To Get That Driving License Under One Take

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To this day, getting a driver's license is an essential milestone and a must-have for most people. They tend to look at driving tests with excitement and anticipation, especially for those with little experience driving on the road. However, there is no guarantee that it'll be any easier to get the driving license

In reality, to become a good driver comes with its experience on the road, and you can't get that much-needed experience from reading driving books along the way. To help you with that,  we have compiled some specific tips you should follow to gain more experience and ace that driving test. If you're one of the many first-timers aiming to pass it in a single take, then read on. 

Practice Beforehand

Before taking every test, it is imperative to practice first to get an idea of how cars work. Instead of reading materials and just memorizing details, it is best to get firsthand experience on the wheel. 

If possible, you can borrow a car from your relatives or neighbors and ask for an experienced driver to guide you through the basics on quiet roads. Make sure that you will be driving on quiet roads like with less traffic. Alternatively, you can enroll yourself at driving schools like the Driving Zone. The Driving Zone is an Australia based driving school that teaches students the basics of driving and traffic rules. 

Driving schools like these are abundant in almost every country. They offer a proper educational setting, from traffic rules to practical driving tests. If you don't own a car, then it's no problem. Some schools will provide a vehicle along with a more than capable instructor by your side when driving.

Hand Positions

Right off the bat, knowing the correct way to hold your steering wheel affects your overall performance in driving. You may notice that different drivers hold their steering wheels differently. That is because they are experienced enough to hold it based on their preference. 

While you are still new to the road, it is best always to position your hands in the correct manner. You can do this by looking at the steering wheel like a clock and position your hands at either 8 o'clock to 4 o'clock or 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock. This positioning gives you the most control of the vehicle longer on the road and avoids making your arms tired on long driving sessions.


One of the most challenging parts of the driving test is parking. Drivers are expected to be capable of parking suitably to avoid accidental collisions from objects, which causes most inexperienced drivers to panic. Proper parking also puts the car in a safe place, which in turn, also provides safety for those getting in and out of the vehicle.

As mentioned earlier, practicing before the test hones your skills. Make sure that you include your practice sessions on how to park your car correctly, and that includes reverse parking and parallel parking. Through this, your parking skills improve and would less likely panic you during the driving test. 

Look Through It, Not At It. 

This tip might be tricky, but this helps you to improve every aspect of driving and helps you to become a good driver. You need to learn how to focus your vision while driving. 

It would be best if you continuously focus on your driving. Where you focus yourself matters the most, instead of focusing on the controls and what's in front of you. Try to focus around your car and a half a mile ahead of you. 

What it means is instead of looking at the object in front of you, and you should also focus on the signs and incoming vehicles on your left and right sides. Being a good driver is being completely aware of the surroundings. There are warnings and signs posted on roads, and if you don't focus on them, you might be violating traffic rules. In worst-case scenarios, traffic violations can result in tragic accidents.

Take A Look At Common Mistakes and Learn From It

Undoubtedly, there are mistakes rookie drivers make that lead them to fail the driving test.  If you are currently enrolled in a driving school, instructors might share one instance or two about common mistakes in a driving test. If you're making these mistakes regularly on your practices, you will need more time to hone your driving skills before taking the test. 


Driving is one of the essential skills in modern society, and passing a driving test is an important milestone for most people. Aside from passing the test under one take, it should be emphasized that driving requires responsibility, accountability, and complete attention to the surroundings. A driver needs to have everything for them to be safe while driving out on the road.

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