All You Need to Know About Exhaust Systems

May 27, 2020 03:40 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

All You Need to Know About Exhaust Systems

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The car exhaust system affects the car, and it is something that you should learn. The exhaust systems consist of several parts: muffler, resonator, catalytic converter, piping, and exhaust header. Many people do not think that the exhaust system improves performance and think of it as just a system of pipes.

The exhaust system improves the car's performance by;

Improving engine performance

The exhaust system tools free power for your car. Such an adaptation allows the engine to have some room. The room in the combustion chambers of the engine enables the burning of fuel to create more power for your vehicle.

Saves on fuel

An improved exhaust system tends to cut costs on your fuel. The exhaust system ensures the engine combustion of your fuel is more efficient. With an inferior exhaust system, the fuel is wasted, and hence the cost of ammunition is high. 

It improves the sound and looks of your car.

The look on your car and the "growl" / "roar" can be fascinating and is usually attractive. The right car exhaust system will give you just the right addition to your car.

Environment conservation

The exhaust system has a catalytic converter whose primary work is to clean gases. The exhaust system ensures the gas we breathe is fresh and safe for human beings.

Fully aware of the advantages of the exhaust systems, it is essential you know the different types of exhaust systems. The exhaust systems include

Single exit system 

The most common systems are the cheapest. As the name suggests, the exhaust system has only one exit for the release of the gas.

Dual rear exit

These are usually dual and, unlike other exhaust systems, are not regularly bend around the wheels. They are generally used for sportier cars.

Dual side exhaust

They are better as they use two pipes to expel the gas. They offer higher performance and make the sound better.

High-performance exhaust

They are best to offer the best performance. The system increases car efficiency, although it may be expensive. The system also expels and filters more gas.

Opposite the dual exhaust system

It is different from another dual exhaust system as it is bent in the wheels. The bend usually adds more space for filtering the gases.

Straight Pipe Exhaust - Advantages vs Disadvantages - Mechanic Base

Getting an aftermarket exhaust system is necessary as many car manufacturers usually aim at saving money for manufacturing hence building an inadequate exhaust system. The features of a sound exhaust system are


Quality dictates the price. Getting the best car exhaust system requires using the best metals. Stainless steel is the best for exhaust systems, and one should avoid other metals.


The diameter is a vital aspect to consider. It varies for different types of cars. The smaller cars usually use small diameters and vice versa.


People have a different love for sounds. Some people love noise, while others appreciate peace.

Bottom line

When having an aftermarket exhaust system, one should have sufficient knowledge of how these exhaust system tools function. The experience helps one make an intelligent decision for an exhaust system to fit their needs.

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