How To Maintain The Quality Of Your Auto Windshield Glass

May 27, 2020 02:43 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

How To Maintain The Quality Of Your Auto Windshield Glass

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Windshields are primarily designed to support your vehicle's body. And more to it, they act as a safety barrier during a collision, protecting the occupant from severe injuries. Further, windscreens prevent unwanted elements from making their way inside your car.

Being such a crucial part of your vehicle, windshields do need special care and attention. Here are a few tips that can assist you with the proper maintenance of your auto windshield glass. 

Clean the windshields regularly 

Leaving the dirt and debris accumulated on your windscreen for a prolonged period can be hazardous-as it not only degrades the integrity of the glass but also impairs your visibility altogether. Hence, when it comes to cleaning, know that just wiping off the front glass of your car with a wet cloth is not enough.

It is essential to clean the windshield using good quality, ammonia-free products that work to remove tough stains without harming the glass surface. Also, always use a microfiber cloth while cleaning as they don't leave scratches or form streaks.

Change the wipers 

Windshield wipers are prone to harsh weather conditions, with collected dust and debris deteriorating the blades and contributing to their improper functioning. And faulty wipers, in turn, can cause significant damage to your windscreen.

Hence, while cleaning your windshields, make sure to rinse off your wipers thoroughly, using the windshield wiper liquid. Moreover, replace your windshield wipers once in every six months to ensure the upkeep of your windscreen.

Park your car safely

Direct exposure to sunlight can affect the integrity of the windshields. The sudden shifts in temperature aligned with the weather can make the glass brittle, which might eventually result in cracks.

Thus, it is advised to park your vehicle under a shade or indoors. This will reduce the overall risks and enhance the lifespan of your windshields.

Get along with Aquapel Glass Treatment 

Aquapel is an innovative chemical-treatment that works with fluorinated compounds to increase water repellency, allowing water to glide and quickly repel off the glass. The aquapel glass treatment turns out to be highly effective in keeping the road grime at bay and lasts longer, even after months of use.

However, while practicing the treatment, be wary of the right proportion of the compound/wax to be used during the procedure. Avoid using an excess of wax as it will only get accumulated in the windshield wipers smudging all through the front glass.

Consider replacing your windshield

Minor cracks and chips in the glass can be easily repaired if timely brought into notice. However, some damages are intense or old enough to fix. And a damaged windshield often fails to perform its specific functions leading to accidents and other unfavorable circumstances. Thus, in this case, consider opting for windshield replacement.

For this, reach out to an automotive glass repair company for the best assistance. The professionals will make a complete evaluation, determining the condition of your vehicle, and helping you choose the right auto glass for the replacement. 

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