How to Find the Best Towing Company in Your Area

Jan 17, 2020 05:01 AM EST | Staff Reporter

How to Find the Best Towing Company in Your Area

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Everyone will at some point have to call a towing company (probably multiple times). The demand for towing has been on a rise with the economy-people are traveling a lot.

Whether you're in an accident or are stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, choosing an astute towing service you trust (especially when it comes to handing over those keys) is important in vulnerable situations.

Before something like a stalled car or collision even occurs, it might be a good idea to have at least one go-to professional towing companies information handy. Anyone with the internet knows that there are a bunch of towing companies out there, but it may not be the best idea to Google them on the spot.

In a dire situation when you're out of your usual area, there may be no other choice. So whether you're searching for the best 24-hour places/daytime (consider both) in your area or preparing for the worst, here's how to find the best towing company so you can receive the best service for your towing needs.

Know Where You Are

Most towing places charge by the mile; so, not only will you want to find the closest (that is also the best) but know exactly where you are. You want to be able to tell the towing company where you are and where you need to go.

This will save time and money; you will be able to get an exact price/estimate before the driver even sets off. If you are preemptively searching for a go-to tow or have time, calling around is important because the most expensive companies aren't always the best and the cheapest aren't always the worst.

Also, ask about hookup fees and any additional services.

Type of Service

Contrary to popular/general opinion, not all towing companies do the same thing. Some towing companies do a lot more than just getting damaged vehicles off of the road.

Towing companies can specialize in that, sure, but others make focus strictly on one and done recovery or heavy transportation. If you're reading this article, we are going to assume you need a tow company that helps those at an accident site.

So study/check out the service lists of the companies in your area so you have a clear understanding of what those companies offer.


The great one to get a feel for any company is to read reviews online. However, don't just judge a company based on the number of positive and negative reviews; if you have time, take a look at what those reviews are actually about.

Most companies do whatever they can to increase their number of positive reviews so, on the surface, the internet lies-so you should take anything you read on the internet with a grain of salt (that's just good advice in general).

Detailed reviews will most likely be real (especially if they reflect a realistic situation) and fake reviews should turn their ugly head easy enough. If there is a lot of them, they won't be written very well. This can be a good indicator of how reliable/trustworthy a company is (and that's everything).

Experience and Equipment

Cheaper companies will use wrecker-type tow trucks which are normally used for taking cars to scrap yards (hopefully this isn't your current predicament). If you just have something like a stalled car, these wreckers can easily damage your bumpers and axles-using a hook and chain to essentially drag your vehicle.

Flatbed tow trucks are preferable; these tow trucks secure the towed vehicle on the flatbed, never dragging it on the road.

Regardless, when calling companies to describe your situation as specifically as you can so that they can bring not only the right truck but the right equipment.

Something that is even more important for your vehicle's safety is experience. When choosing the correct towing company, you want to find one with ALOT of experience.

It doesn't matter if your vehicle is a motorcycle, car, van, or RV, the driver towing it needs to be experienced. The driver needs to be well trained and make sure your vehicle is properly tied down so that it will get to where it is going safely. An experienced driver will ask you a lot of questions to dial in on your situation.

The Best Towing Company Has the Best Customer Service

If goes without saying that you want to feel comfortable with the company that will have your vehicle (and whatever is inside). Reviews are one thing but you should also form your own opinion about whoever you are talking to on the opposite side of the phone conversation.

So make note of how you are treated when browsing towing companies; how you are treated initially is a good indication of how you will be treated overall. If you feel even slightly taken advantage A lot of towing company double-down on the last-minute need they provide.

A good company should show you respect from the get-go; they should be honest about what they can do for you as well as their pricing. In towing, and in life, people just want your business but don't care about you-find a towing company that cares about their customers and respects them as the backbone of their business.

Finding a great company isn't always easy when you find a company like Geyers Towing, which has professional, uniformed, fully licensed, trained, certified, and courteous drivers that make life easier.

They are the type of company that not only helps everyday folk but their competition when they break down as well.

Trust Yourself Before Others

When something bad happens, we're inclined to trust anyone willing to lend a helping hand. This making finding the best towing company a...complicated task.

If you're in an unfamiliar area, do you best to make a calculated decision; if you're in your local area, know it. Figure out the best towing companies before something unfortunate happens.

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