Top Reasons to Get a Tough and Rough Truck this 2020

Dec 23, 2019 06:54 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Buy These Cheap Trucks That Are Rough and Tough
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Why buy expensive trucks when these rough and tough, cheaps will be bang for the buck. Without the trimming and the fancy.

Gone are the days when pickup trucks where used to haul and tow, with everything in between that needed to be done. Now, trucks are loaded with every fancy gadget that manufacturers can put into in and catch a good price too. There is something missing here, and that is truck which is reliable and does not have all the fancy doodads, these luxury trucks have.

 Not everyone who wants a truck, needs fancy features but a nice and basic stereo would do. Instead of getting a basic truck, everyone needs to wrangle over everything but what a truck needs to become rough and tough.

If anyone wants the pure exhilaration of off-road 4x4s, these are just the ticket to get that fix. Who wouldn't? When they are cheaper and goes about with the least concern except to load, carry, ride and punch any terrain like a hot dagger. Take a gander at these no-nonsense, pickup trucks that are built tough.

1. Nissan Hardbody: $3-7,000

 One of the most reliable and cheapest pickups to get, with all the rough and tough going for it just like the energizer bunny. Chances are these unremarkable trucks look fragile but can take the worst anyone can dish out. Keep it straight and simple or make it an ultimate low-cost off-roader, do what is best. Motorheads will have their hands' plenty thinking what to do it when modding it like crazy.

Off-Road with the Best Pickup Truck in 2019

2. Mitsubishi Mighty Max: $2-5,000

 Here is your basic and spartan small truck that helped Mitsubishi get a push in American Shores. Other cars like the Lancer Evo and the Pajero were the standards for other Nippon cars to follow. The Mighty Max is not the fanciest, but it got the job done. To this day, its simplicity and usefulness are better than any decked-out pickups of today.

 3. Ford Ranger: $4-7,000

One of the smallest production trucks from Ford motors that has a following, for its superb toughness and runs forever too. This American midget truck is cheap and has four-wheel drive with parts still found. Owners of this old-timer will have a fine time all the performance and services as hauler too. Why go expensive and fancy when this is better.

4. Toyota Tundra: $7-12,000

 This list has quite some Jap trucks, but who would not trust Toyota excellence, which spawns the Land Cruiser. The Tundra was big enough to stand on its own and carve a niche in the US truck market. During 2000, Tundras were both useful and reliable with stellar 4x4 performance. Compared to the bigger Toyota trucks, these were smaller but packed with value for the buyer.

 5. Chevrolet Silverado: $3-8,000

 Big trucks are the best for work and anything it can do to haul cargo when needed. This is made in the USA and is found anywhere a truck is needed in the States. Not made to be a fancy limo, but for the hard-working American who needed a vehicle like it. Getting it fixed with fewer electronics and easy to find parts are a good deal, also cheap as well. 

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