In 2020 Cars Will Be Smarter with All These Digital Automotive Add-Ons

Dec 23, 2019 02:59 AM EST | Staff Reporter

In 2020 Cars Will Be Smarter with All These Automotive Digital Trends, Prepare for the Boom
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Watch out for these automotive trends that shook 2019 and poise to shake the room in 2020. Everyone should be ready for an incredible 2020 to come.

Nothing ever is the same, and automotive digital trends are driving changes in cars so fast. Throughout 2019, something new was announced that upped the ante for startups and companies both. All these changes are coming, and this will affect everyone, especially drivers who will be discombobulated by all these digital innovations. In 2019, there was a lot of innovation for automotive trends, some will go, and others will not. As the year closes, let's take a look at all these innovations that have improved cars as we know them.

1. Cars are more connected than ever, with coming technologies that will benefit everyone.

 One of the biggest news in 2019 was the deployment of V2X, V2V, and IoT with the rolling out of 5G internet that will affect drivers a lot. With improved connectivity, cars can communicate to the environment and relay to the driver. Even cars will chatter through electronic means that will be eerie for some drivers.

 2. A self-driving car is getting better, and drivers may not be needed soon.

 Waymo and other self-driving companies are improving LIDAR and other sensor technology, to navigate robocars better. Human engineers are helping machines to think and learn like people to deal with human nuts. Other startups like Aeva has cheaper tech with smaller equipment that sees better than Waymo LIDAR mounts.

3. Automobiles are entertainment hubs on wheels, the center console in cars just got better.

 Improved infotainment access, and online connectivity have improved infotainment, for most motorists. A car cabin is now part of the living room for families. Consoles with Android and Apple are now versatile for all multi-media entertainment. All passengers have a better time than just waiting for the car to stop.

 4. Newer car models come out earlier than before.

 Car buyers will be spoiled with new models coming out sooner, and having a refreshed version faster. One problem will be what to do with older cars, and will a glut of them be coming soon. The model cycle is 5 to 8-years, soon it will be a new car variant every 24-months. Ways need to implement to curb any negative effects.

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5. OTA or over the air updates are done automatically with Wifi connections.

 As computerization of cars beset car buyers who are still catching up. The car network will link up to the digital cloud or Wifi internet to update itself without any prompting from the driver. 

 6. Cars have better predictive maintenance as feedback to inform the driver.

 Car buyers will have it easy, when the car self-diagnoses itself to check when it should be for maintenance. Everything is done via feedback from its systems, and the information is sent to the dealership. Since it is all software, everything is remote and just a program will correct the errors. It makes the owner's life much easier too than looking into it himself.

7. People should be aware of compromised security because of holes caused by increased connectivity.

 For all the convenience everyone has, there is a catch like loose security for car networks. Drivers do not know it, but the car can get carnapped easier than ever. Wireless entry is easy to victimize, even blockchain technology, has problems. 

 8. Cars adjust to the preferences of the passengers, like an in-house electronic butler.

 Carmakers want to build comfortable cars for the passengers inside. The car AI will make sure everything is okay, and the passenger is okay. Want some music? The AI does everything for passengers. Like a personal maid maybe a backrub or coffee anyone?

9. Car buyers might be able to purchases a car remotely, via virtual reality.

 One technology that everyone will want is how to test drive cars afar, before buying them. Prospective buyers can go online at home or in the dealer to check out different cars, before deciding what to get. Those who grew up playing video games will just hit it off right with this technology.

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