The 2020 Tesla Model X Is The Best E-SUV And It Is A Fact

Dec 21, 2019 02:47 AM EST | Staff Reporter

The 2020 Tesla Model X Is The Best E-SUV That Cannot Be Ignored
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The 2020, the Tesla Model X should be the one to get for everyone because it is one excellent EV.

Are buyers getting tired of getting ozone-killing SUVs or their hybrid cousin, and there is enough money to plunk in for a premium electric car too. It will be all great when the 2020 Tesla Model X is the one for the early adopter willing to switch to greener electrified cars. This crossover/SUV is the next generation that beats Rivian and Bollinger to the gun and throws a backhand at the Ford F-150 it walloped too. So, what are the best specs that should convince the would-be early adopter to consider this as the next brand-new owner.

Better yet it does not need gas and charging at home tops it up just fine. Investing in owning one will be a good choice for anybody too, with all the advanced features it offers. Compare it to a standard SUV, this wins out and buyers will go for it too. Studies done show that even with slow sales, EVs are growing market. To the point, Ford and other SUV heavy manufacturers are hedging the stakes by offering SUV hybrids. If interested buyers know how lightyears away the Model X is, it would a snub for a hybrid SUV.

Sensing more converts to electric car use, Tesla is investing in more charging stations for its customers and future buyers. Results are more orders for it, than can be handled but the EV giant has contingencies. Some concerns are what new buyers need to know and other important things to consider. Buyers will not regret getting the Model X and all the future-forward advantages it will offer anyone who owns it.

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a. The warranty offered by Tesla to its buyers

 Important aspects for the customer is the partial coverage of 4-years or 50000 miles, whichever applies best. The powertrain is covered for 8 years, no matter how many miles. Included in the coverage is the powertrain other parts, but no free scheduled maintenance is covered.

b. All the advanced Tesla features that comes with the box

 Nothing on the road comes close to the tech-heavy Model X, which is very attractive for early EV adopters. What gets the owners' raves is the Tesla Autopilot that is a driver-assisted autonomous function. The driver has sensors to assist in an over-seer role and keep the crossover straight with no driver assistance. Another of the goodies offered to buyers is the Smart Summons mode, that will park, or summon the vehicle without the driver inside it. Tesla cars are one of the safest to ride and comes with these features to assist the driver. 

 1.Automatic Brake System

 2. Lane Departure Warning

 3. Adaptive Cruise with driver-assist autonomous feature

C. The cruising range and battery features

 This year's Model X has an improved cruise range of 325-miles or 305-miles for the faster variant, that depends on the preference of the buyer. Charging a Tesla is faster with a supercharger station, or do it with a 120/240-volt outlet that is much longer. This part is optional for the owner, though slow charging is advised instead of fast-charging.

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