Here Are the Top Reasons Why Everyone Loves the Honda Civic

Dec 21, 2019 02:02 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Here Are the Top Reasons Why Everyone Loves the Honda Civic
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Car fanatics have the Honda Civic on top of there fave cars, for good reason that is made obvious. Also, this is the best known and sold car anywhere there is a road.

No car has captured the imagination of car enthusiasts and car freaks more than the Honda Civic compact sedan that has soldiered on in the industry for fifty years and counting. Among line-ups in the Honda roster, this family sedan is the most wanted and respected by car buyers. Even the old models can be refurbished into street-machines to be customized to the heart content. In the aftermarket, there are so many options for the Civic fanboy to trick out. In the movie franchise, "The Fast and the furious" these cars proved to best even expensive Euro mods. 

For the serious fanboys or fangirls, here are top reasons why the Japanese car has endeared itself to generations of drivers. Let it be known, the Civic is one of the best compact sedans, with mechanics to the nines. Gearhead and motorheads go ga-ga over the chance to get a crack at this legendary front-wheel-drive car. Anyone who is into cars will have it as one of the faves in their list. Here goes a rundown of what everyone loves about this Nippon classic.


Everyone should know this is the sixth most bought car in the world. It might not hit the top 5 of all time, but this car has an appeal for generations of drivers for fifty years. Even in the age of SUVS, the Civic is still holding on. Proof that the sedan is not dead and Honda is keeping the Civic not abandoning it.


 Tuner fanatics are in love with the Civic because it is the fastest production FWD car sold today. That is for the Type R which is really adrenalin and the fastest variant ever. Even the standard variants when modded become road rockets as well, because of the powertrain.

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 Before everyone got to this beautiful modern classic Jap Tuner, it was spartan and very simple before. Now, we have this generation Civic that has the best Honda can make for the compact category. Sales in Japan and overseas show how hot this sedan hatchback for the buyers.


 When it was first sold in Japan and the US in 1972 to 1973, this became a top-selling car and was ever since. The smaller and less gas-consuming car became its gateway to success, and still is one of the most fuel-efficient to this day.


 Before the sporty sedan style of the Civic came about, it was a family wagon that was boring but was used as a utility car for farmers. It was, to say the least, very different from other cars sold in 1980. It could be the first version of the minivan or MPV, that came later.


 From the 1970s to 2019 there has been no stoppage of sales and happy buyers who keep the Civic badge going on. Other car brands have slowed down or shifting to rebadged SUVS, the Civic is still alive and going strong. There is even a hybrid version to keep it going until the next phase of development.

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