These Cars are What You Need to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Dec 21, 2019 02:01 AM EST | Staff Reporter

These Cars are What You Need to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
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If there is a coming zombie apocalypse, they are the cars needed or become zombie entrees or worse.

After the popular Walking Dead series hit the airwaves, there appeared an airrational worry that civilization will somehow fall and walking undeads will come. For the well-prepped doomsday advocate, this will be a good reason to get the best anti-zombie vehicle. Surviving the zombie hordes will not be easy with a Tesla of course, or sub-compact car that is an equivalent happy meal for the undead masses.

The tool for the ready to bug-out person will be a car that is robust, huge, and a certifiable road-killer that will make short work of hordes of zombies. Any driver will not agree to have their brains or innards as the main course, that is not an option for anyone.

All these cars for the ability to survive the zombie hordes will be big, four-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive SUV with off-road mods that transform the car into a vehicle of ultimate doom. Or stick to a never say die car that will carry its owner to relative safety, if that even is an option though.

 Here are the top picks that for everyone, some will love it or hate it. But, the main reason is to make the undead suffer and survive.

 1. Aston Martin DB9- Shouts out to the zombies who have culture or the well-off undead.

 If going out is very definite, but a slim chance of getting out alive, then choose this bug-out car. It goes fast and will take quite a few of them down.

2. Sportsmobile 4WD Vehicle- Built to scrap with zombies and survive.

 Let's be real because no one wants to be zombie food at all. Get this big thing and drive away without any trouble, which is the equivalent of the Ritz.

 3. Local Motors Rally Fighter- Live out the Mad Max and become the top survivor.

This car is one enforcer look-alike that will be good to be like Max who drives alone survives the hordes easy.

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 4. Conquest Knight XV- Expect to find a rap artist driving to survive the rampage and sell records after.

 No joking, this is really one big SUV with lots of style and kit to help the Rapper in anyone survive becoming zombie takeout.

5. WaterCar Python- Land can be dangerous, this will travel through water. Pray that zombies do not swim.

 This may be the best options when land is overrun by them, in a pinch make a run for the water, and live to tell the tale.

 6. Triumph Rocket III Roadster- Huge SUVS may not cut it for some, how about this bike to whiz past by in stealth mode. Call it surviving on a budget and look good while zipping in and out of the horde with this rad bike.

 7. Mercedes-Benz Unimog- Expensive but will keep anyone alive for years, till zombie die out.

 The king of the road that is the ultimate doomsday machine to live out the doom and gloom, till everything is back to normal.

 8. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport- Run way very fast with this, and still get away in style.

 Zombies do not go really fast, this is the right tool to outrun them and drive away in speed and style.

 9. Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X- Perfect for the well-heeled survivor, probably the last purchase before currency falls.

 It will break the bank buying this, but deep pockets help when avoiding the chance to be the soup of the day for the undead masses.

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