Are You Sure That You Know Everything About Your Diesel Car?

Dec 18, 2019 11:31 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Are You Sure That You Know Everything About Your Diesel Car?
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Here is everything needed to know all about a diesel car engine. No more guesses, just the bare facts.

Vehicles are either gas or diesel engines as the options available for buyers. For most, the popular choice would be gas engines as the default choice. But, some buyers choose a diesel-fed powertrain, and most types of diesel are trucks, SUVS, and some cars too. Not all drivers know everything about gas or diesel engines, though when it comes to diesel that is a different story.

So, if the diesel option is chosen, is everything about a diesel powered-car known? If the answer is yes, chances are some notion is false and others are true. To help anyone who owns a diesel car, here are some corrections to guide them into the right assumptions. All this info should clarify and guide owners in the right direction.

1. Diesel engines are not easily tuned.
This engine is just as tunable for more power and pull, that is the same as a gasoline engine. Some components will need adjustment to keep the condition at an optimum.

2. They are a big cause of pollution and air impurity.

 If there is more smoke coming out of the exhaust of diesel cars, it does not mean it is the main cause of pollution. Gas engines and electric cars have a carbon debt as well, so everything is even.

 3. Cooling with water is not required.

 All engines need cooling and diesel engines are no different from the gas engine, without water for cooling there will be overheating.

 4. Idling with diesel engines does not consume fuel.

 Very wrong because idling will always waste fuel, and this is a bad idea to consider.

5. Diesel fuel is a hard fuel to find at the pump.

 Nope, diesel is found in all pumps with more of them bought by consumers. It is normal to have it alongside gasoline in the pump.

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 6. Most diesel-powered cars are good for towing only.

 No true, because these engines are just as efficient compared to a gas engine. Improvements on new diesel engines have made it just as good as a gas option.

 7. Filling up with diesel at the pump is more expensive.

 Filling up with diesel cost less than gasoline, that is why SUVS are better as diesel power cars.
8. Maintaining and servicing a diesel car is a bit hard on the pocket.
Both diesel and gas cars cost as much to own, no real difference between them.

9. Go diesel, but it is not good for long haul travels.

 Big trucks have diesel engines on long road trips and very distant long hauls. It really depends on the overall maintenance of the car, which is better for their owners.

 10. Hard starts are common for diesel engines when it is freezing winter.

 It is false and selected diesel cars have an engine block heater equipped with it.

 11. A diesel car will have less performance than a gasoline-powered car.

 Not all engines are the same, and diesel engines are not made to accelerate fast, they keep a steady easy pace.

 12. Keeping the diesel idling in the morning is a necessity.

Improvements in engine design make it easy to start the car and go without idling or warming up.

13. Fuel efficiency for the diesel engine is the pits.

 Owners of diesel cars speed less for fuel, compared to gasoline engines as the case goes.

 14. A diesel engine has problems breathing in higher altitudes

 Higher altitudes are where a diesel outperforms as a gas engine when it gets higher that is better for their drivers.

 15. Compared to gas engines, diesel is like a screaming Mimi.

 Latest diesel cars are quieter than older models, thanks to modern improvements so their owners can enjoy less rattling rides.

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