Sedans Are Not Dead Yet and Here Are Five Reasons To Prove It

Dec 18, 2019 11:31 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Sedans Are Not Dead yet and Here Are Five Reasons That Prove It Is Not
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For the moment sedan is not dead, but just having a rough patch. These are the five reasons why they are still in the running to demonstrate it.

More SUVs and crossovers are the prevalent automotive trend for buyers in the US and other countries, though the US market is obsessed with these large vehicles. Most of the sales go to the SUV market, that carmakers are slashing their sedan lineups, to remarket as an SUV or crossover. Despite this, other carmakers are still at it, stubbornly producing sedans of all kinds with decent sales.

Take Tesla, for example, a car brand that does not slack even a bit and even re-designed the Model X from a Model S sedan chassis. The Model X which shares sedan-like characteristics hd just recently kicked the bigger F-150 into submission. For sports sedans, they are the pinnacle of automotive excellence, especially for electric vehicles like the Taycan. That is something to say about it, sedans are still alive and kicking not dead

 1. More fuel-efficient engines from years of development are one advantage of sedans.

 Age has improved the gasoline engine and is as fuel-efficient with all the features it has to optimize every ounce of fuel. This the same tech that stops several cylinders from working, it first appeared in premium sedan engines. Notable is Mazda's Skyactiv-X as a modern version of the gas engine. 

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2. Compared to the seating position of taller vehicles, a sedan has it better.

 Some may like it and others would not, the reclined seat position of sedans has better headroom. If a taller person sits in an SUV, it would be little or no headroom at all. Reclined seats make for better positions when driving long distance.

 3. Sedans have been around longer, and their components were adapted for SUVs.

 The first truly modern cars are sedans, and it spawned the station wagon, minivan, and the sport coupes are based on the sedan. Many of the safety features and modern features were first seen on sedans and were carried onto SUVs. The crossover uses the unibody chassis not a ladder-type, so crossovers are developed from sedans. Buyers who want nimble and sporty handling and control need to get a sedan, not a tall and clumsy SUV.

4. This vehicle category offers better all-around visibility, with less blind spots or needs for fancy features.

 Big cars like SUVs might be taller and see more, there is a catch for all its bulk. Blind spots are all around it, so rear cams and sensors are needed because of its less all-around visibility. Driving a sedan with just a rearview, side view mirror, and a rears sensor is enough to manage better than an SUV without them.

 5. A classic that lives on in the Tesla 3 and other electric vehicles are the default body style.

 Car buyers who have a tesla EV, are driving a sedan with an electric motor that is easier to mount on a sedan chassis. 

 Bottom line:

 The SUV trend is popular, but the sedan is still around and still selling but not as much. For all intents, the sedan layout is still relevant, even electric vehicles find this a better platform than SUVS. There will still be someone interested in the efficiency of sedans, buyers will have this car as their default choice.

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