The 2019 Honda CR-V is Perfectly Family-Approved and Worth It

Dec 18, 2019 11:32 AM EST | Staff Reporter

The 2019 Honda CR-V Is Family Approved and Best for the Money
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Choose the 2019 Honda CR-V as the family hauler with all the advantages of a large SUV without the bulk. It will not much with value for the money too.

SUVS are one of the most versatile cars today, and they come in large to compact options, and their smaller cousins the crossovers are included. Not everyone wants to buy a huge SUV with all the bells and whistles that will be rather expensive. Take the 2019 Honda CR-V crossover, that started it all years ago along with  its batchmate, the RAV4. For the buyers who wants a serviceable and least expensive SUV/crossover, this will fit the bill.

 Another thing is the CRV is smaller but comes with advantages that include fuel efficiency and Honda reliability. If it will be used for smaller families, getting it will be value for money rather than a beast of an SUV. For the most part, smaller crossovers do not have the same power output, are built to be average family haulers not for off-roading. Those who choose this vehicle are usually in need of a cheap to maintain and serviceable family hauler, nothing more.
What to like about the CR-V

a. Does not guzzle gas like an F-150 which is good.

 Most owners will love how fuel-efficient a CRV is compared to a bigger SUV, and it emits fewer carbon emissions too. Most compact crossovers are lighter vehicles but their engines have enough horses that are not too heavy on fuel expenses.

 b. Room to go for enough passengers.

 There enough room inside to seat everyone inside, with enough leg and elbowroom for long trips. Long road trips may not have the cavernous space of large SUV, but Honda made sure passengers have more than enough comfort too.

 c. More than enough room for cargo.

 Loading up cargo and worried that it might not fit, even with a folded rear seat? The CR-V has 39.2 to 75.8 cu/ft of space in the back. Converting the CR-V into a cargo carrier is easy to do with the extra space, no need to U-Haul.

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d. Handles well for a small crossover.
Crossovers are not the nimblest cars to drive, but the CR-V manages well for a non-sport sedan. If some sporty driving is needed, this will do but do not expect it to do more than it can. Though most family haulers are expected to have normal handling extra handling does gift it some more driving pep.

 e. Pockets and other places to put things inside the car.

 Convenience with all the compartments, pockets, and slots needed to put anything inside the car. Just put the item inside and check if it fits, so the object will not be damaged when placed there. Road trips will be great for slots to put drinks and other stuff to avoid a mess inside the car.

 f. Worth every penny spent on it.

 Get a CR-V as a choice hauler that afford features and conveniences that are practical, best value for the cost as well. If more extras are desired, then go for EX trim that has more safety and advanced features. If ordinary trim is the wanted option, stick with the LX or go highest trim (AWD touring) that are all the packages for any price point to consider.


The benefits of the CR-V compact crossover makes it the ideal cost-effective family hauler for everyone, always evident in most generations of the vehicle. In 2019, there are more improvements than ever, and

 a 1.5-liter engine that is efficient and with enough horses is the icing on the cake. Here are the most compelling reasons to make this crossover the daily ride.

 1. One of the best-selling crossovers, even if ranged against bigger SUVS.

 2. All the modern safeties and features are equipped, but depending on the trim which is optional.

3. A compact crossover without the bulk, that makes it easier to pack anywhere. Moms going grocery shopping will love this, especially the soccer moms.

 4. Just right for the budget and very cost-effective.

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