Spidi’s Next-Gen Anti-Pollution Gear is the best for Riders against Smog and Air Impurities

Dec 17, 2019 07:17 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Spidi’s Next-Gen Anti-Pollution Gear is the best for Riders against Smog and Air Impurities
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Next-Gen Anti-Pollution Gear by Spidi is yet in the conceptual stage but will afford riders the best smog protection when in production. This will be a revolution in wearable moto gear.

Pollution is a scourge in cities where there are vehicle emitting carbon emissions, despite the government's drive to lessen it. Cars and other closed vehicles offer more protection from smog, from other types of transport. One solution to protect riders is the next-gen anti-pollution gear, which works as a specialized clothing protection to armor up against city smog.

Motorcycle gear is specially designed to protect riders from the different environmental elements. Another important aspect of motorcycle gear is protection from collisions. Wearable body armor that minimizes the trauma from accidents keeps the rider in one piece, besides elemental protection. Most commercially available special motorcycle equipment has got that covered. One brand Spidi offers them as standard motorcycle gear.

Another dimension of rider protection is available, other brands just concentrate on elemental and collision protection. Spidi went on a long shot and developed a gear set that enhances smog protection. Gears like this will fight the ill effects of smog and air impurities when on the road. More than ever, riders can enjoy the better protection that most high-end riding gear offers.

This concept is envisioned in the mission beta concept moto jacket, that is a form of wearable-tech for riders. Wearable tech is in use everywhere, integrating technology and personal items into a single weave. Moto jackets like Spidi's emphasize the invisibility of tech and clothing that assist the rider, except everything is in a less bulky jacket.

Developing this wearable technology is capable of keeping riders less affected by smog, which is worse than 100 times the exposure to pollution. Compared to drivers, cyclist, and pedestrians wearing this wearable concept moto jacket affords better protection for riders. The proof is when used outside, the jacket does its job of keeping the rider less affected by smog's ill effects.

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Creating this wearable tech is done with special fabric and materials that are weatherproof to protect the electronic component. Detecting levels of air impurities is a sensor keeps a tab on the air quality while riding. A one-touch button on the neck part is accessible for the rider's easy access for safety. Paired up with an anti-smog mask that is compatible with all motorcycle helmets worn.

Riders will be informed real-time of pollution feedback, that is low, medium, and high level when the mask needs to be worn immediately. This is done by adding an OLED screen on the left arm, that gives visual warning and vibration as an extra feature.

More high-tech features that make it easy to use is with movement triggered sensors. That work when wearing it and when taken off the sensor powers it down, like a cyber suit. All is button-less and automatic with no need to pair with any mobile. This wearable tech moto jacket is easy to use, and very intuitive for most riders to use.

So, far this is in-design stages and not sold yet, but when it production this will offer multi-protection for riders. When Spidi's next-gen anti-pollution gear comes out, a rider will have the best wearable tech against smog available

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