You Are More Likely to Get an SUV Because Car Companies Do Not Want to Sell Electric Vehicles

Dec 17, 2019 07:14 AM EST | Staff Reporter

1 You Are More Likely to Get an SUV Because Car Dealerships Do Not Want to Sell Electric Vehicles
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Car dealerships are on the fence about electric vehicles because they find it easier to sell SUVs because of profit margins. If there would be some info about EVs this could tip it, as an option over an SUV.

Car buyers do not have the easiest time when car shopping for an electric car, which is the general case for many early adopters. One conclusion, regarding all the difficulty experienced when buying them, is that they are not high on the priority list. It seems more SUVS are sent off the showroom floor and getting more deals. Which is not what early adopter of electric vehicles want, and these individuals are willing to spend for it too. For most who can afford a new EV, they turn to Tesla as the most obvious choice. Because buying an EV in Tesla showroom is the best and most expedient way, to own a brand-new premium electric car.

Concerned groups like the Sierra Club made several discoveries when posing as buyers in several sho2rooms. The experiences they had were discouraging for the most part. One really very inconvenient occurrence is an uncharged EV car battery. It was not a limited event, it happened several times at Ford and Chevy dealerships. For those intent on getting an electric car, this was very discouraging for them.

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It even got worse in some dealerships, when buyers were discouraged from even getting an electric car. From there, things went downhill and very creative so just to steer off the topic of buying an electric car. The wackiest was losing the key, but there was another option proffered to the customer. For the most part, buyers who genuinely wanted an electric car got the cold shoulder from many dealerships. Even, if there is a chance to make a sale on an EV, it was ignored.

Perhaps one solution to making it easier for serious customers to buy electric vehicles is to have more brochures and info about them. In California, that has more EVs and early adopters of EV tech, this should be the model to follow. It is not so hard to do, but there should be an effort to have more information on hand. Less confusion about how EVs work and the benefits in a simple spiel will clear things out to customers if the salesmen are willing.

The reason why customers are having a hard time when buying EVs is that more money is made from them. So, when a customer walks in the dealership, getting them to sign for that SUV is more important than selling EVs. Compared to SUVS, most EVs are smaller sedan than are not in the luxury racket. Selling an SUV will get top dollar from the extras. While EVs would yield less income, from its sale that is not preferable for most dealerships.

Most buyers who go for EVs are not in for the luxury but the sustainability of it. Compared to SUVS, that are unsustainable and very expensive to maintain. If anyone is keen on getting an EV, this would be the scenario. All because dealership would prefer a high-ticket SUV than an electric vehicle as an option.

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