Electric Motorcycles Are Highly Sustainable and Low-Impact Alternative to Going Car-Less, Perfect for the 2019-2020 Green Environment Crusade

Dec 12, 2019 07:22 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Electric Motorcycles Are High-Sustainability and Low Environmental Impact, Get Them in 2019 or 2020
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Going car-free is best with these electric motorcycles that will be available in 2020 or 2019. These are more sustainable and less environmental damage. These are good options if car-free is chosen and helps the environment more.

If you think of going car-free here is a suggestion, why not electric motorcycles as the next best option for personal mobility? Not having a car does not mean, not riding any conveyance no more. It only means that cars are out of the question now. Usually, motorbikes are not high on the sustainability agency, in fact, it is the one option that offers a cleaner option.

Think motorcycles, and it is smaller and takes less road space too. In the space occupied by a big honking SUV, it can fit several bikes. How amazing is that, when most get worked up, and that is the answer to Godzilla-huge SUVS. Next thing anyone will love about these two-wheelers is sustainability. Compare to cars, they take fewer materials to make one and the least carbon footprint.

Even gas-fed motorcycles run on less fuel and are more fuel-efficient, things just get better. Most normal motorcycles move fast, but having an electric drive transforms it into a pocket rocket. Better technology and lighter materials are advantages of sustainability compared to four-wheelers.

 Here are some of these electric motorcycles that have gone electric, for some riders this is the best thing ever. No smoke stinky smoke or using fluids that harm the environment. Next up is the shorter charging time, compare to sedan EVs. All green, all the way without the worry of driving this vehicle unsustainably. All good that is for, so here are the e-motorbike option to select from.

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1. RMK E2-Sci-fi design refugee

 This e-Bike is revolutionary featuring a rear wheel, that is hubless with an output of 67bhp. Charge it to 80% in two hours, that is really fast. It will be on the floor of the Eicma 2019, at Milan.

 2. Zap i300-City Rider

 For use in the city but with a torque output of 433 lb-ft, this is also designed in Thailand. Comes with 5 kg power packs and can be personized too.

 3. Arc Vector-Ultra Future Bike

 Made by Arc and shown in Eicma 2018, with loads of tech-doodads for rider assistance. Get a HUD display helmet and shoulder sensor that taps when there is danger. Equipped with center hub-steering and, a motor with 133bhp and 292 lb-ft, with a cruising range of 362 miles.

4. Honda CR-E electric motocross concept bike- Electric Motocrosser

 Here is a twist on the motocross category and add up the know-how of Honda as one of the best brands.

 5. Lightning Strike-Electric Bike on Hyperdrive

 This is a dead ringer for really fast looking bikes, but this all-electric under the skin. Get one with 70-100 miles cruise range, or get cracking on the 15 kWh or 20 kWh from 105-200 miles range as options. Made for sustainability and very affordable too.  

 6. Ducati MIG-RR e-MTB electric mountain-e-MBX

 The motorcycle maker is now into designing e-MBX with an electric motor strapped on. For those who what bikes that are truly sustainable as a car-free option.

 7. Fuell Flow-Future Rider

 Forget what you know about e-bike, everything is exciting with 11 kW or 35 kW motor as options. Either of them is pure electric excitement with the bad effects of conventional motorcycles. 

 Other e-Bikes: eRockit pedal-powered electric motorbike, BMW Vision DC Roadster electric concept, BMW Concept Link

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