Nissan is Betting on Their Sedans to Survive the SUV Rampage

Dec 11, 2019 05:45 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Nissan is betting on their sedans to survive the SUV rampage
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Nissan is ready to keep on going with its sedans and is not giving up the fight against the SUV rampage.

As the saying goes, the sedan is still in the running despite the SUV rampage that is laying waste to the sedan category. Nissan Motors is confident this is just a phase and in time will change. Many sedans have met the chopping block at the expense of making SUVS and crossovers. But, the Japanese stalwart is convinced enough to keep on pushing their sedan lines to survive.

One of the reasons why SUVS have found favor is the higher cost of selling them. With the profits rolling in from these behemoths, it would inevitably be favored. In fact, more car brands will still feature sedans, but only a small percentage.

Trending preference might be true,  some counter-trends play a big role in the turnaround. One of these is ride-hailing services that are mostly sedans or saloons. Another argument that even the most fervent SUV supporters cannot deny, is that Tesla electric cars are sedans. Though SUVS will be facing a run for their money with e-crossovers and e-SUVS that are in the pipeline. Already Tesla is taking orders for their Cybertruck, but the bulk of their orders are the Model 3 and Model S.

 On their own, Tesla has proven the sedan layout as the best platform for electric cars. Another aspect that Nissan is eager to point out, that interest in SUVS is the in thing now. But, like the minivan that is seen as a boring Sunday driver. It will be where SUVS end up eventually. Most of the equipment and tech was derived from sedans.

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Not everyone is game with SUVS at 100%, and some cracks need to be opened more. These cracks have to do with Millennials, who are concerned about the environment and how SUVS are the big bad. Tapping into sentiments of fewer emissions with more sustainable cars, this is where the sedan can shelter for the meantime. In time, crawl out when the SUV has had its time.

Equipping sedans with all-wheel-drive will prove a match for the traction of bigger SUVS. That will be a big draw for younger car buyers who need some extra add-ons, that are not as expensive as SUVS. AWD sedan may just yet be the carrot to get the ball rolling away from SUVS. Younger car buyers are drawn to cheaper and efficient sedans such as compact cars. Though midsize sedans are also those affected by more SUV sales.

If the American car badges choose to abandon the sedan niche, this just opportunity to develop when the SUV market comes crashing down. When Japanese carmakers keep steady and develop the sedan niche, there is a profit to be made. As the Americans are raking in the dough with SUV sales. Carmakers like Nissan and other Japanese car brands are improving their sedan lineups. Will the gamble succeed for Nissan? For now, gas prices are low, and this is one plus for owning bigger cars. But, sedans can reap this benefit too. Is betting on the endangered sedan smart despite the SUV rampaging sales? Time will tell.

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