A Sustainable World Without Personal Use Cars Will Be the Best for Everyone

Dec 10, 2019 11:27 AM EST | Staff Reporter

A Sustainable World Without Personal Use Cars Will Be the Best for Everyone
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With all the problems now, the best option is to choose a world without personal use car. This will curb the problems faced as a result of owning one.

The world is at a tipping point, and one of those factors that have affected everyone is personal-use cars that are prevalent everywhere. Keeping a sustainable world may depend on what we can do to curb the bad effects of owning cars. It may seem far-off, but before the motor car, everything was sustainable, and there was little or no carbon emissions before.  Another concern is the cost of making them which has left landfills, with their byproducts.

But, the automobile became our friend and foe, and therefore sustainability from the bad effects of car ownership is needed. But, the development of electric vehicle has lessened the impact of cars on the environment. Still, there is a carbon footprint for it and car byproducts as well. Especially SUVS that are now poster-boys of the resurrected gas-guzzling madness, use most resources compare to other cars just to make one.

To achieve the sustainability that is needed, here are some facts to know. One key factor is letting go of owning a personal use car, that will be explained. Resources we have are finite and someday owning a car is not a normal thing, here are some benefits to choosing communal car which is better option.

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1. Use of shuttles and driverless cars will be more efficient than owner-driven cars.

 The end goal is to make available robo-cars like Waymo, and similar services as providers for mobility. Communities will depend on them, and transport like bikes or e-bike.

 2. More space is used for other than parking, and fewer cars will be easier to manage. 

Instead of using spaces for parking or for charging stations, they are needed anymore. No more cars will be beneficial for everyone and cities will have more pedestrian-oriented options. 

3. Without EVs, gas-powered cars, and only public buses or electric shuttles as the mass transit, there will be no congestion.

 One reason why mass transit is lagging behind is that everyone owns more than one car. It suffocated the development of mass transit in cities and suburbs. With more people choosing to go carless, efficient mass transit will flourish better.

4. No more accidents on the road with a car-less scheme in place. 

There are more people injured or killed in car accidents, involving pedestrians and drivers on the road. Take away owned cars and emphasis on the carless street there will be fewer road injuries and deaths.

5. Zero traffic cities are easier to navigate, no congestion and less travel time.

Without cars to clog the roads with congestion, and less travel time will be much better than worsening traffic everywhere. So carless will definitely have this as the best benefit of them all.

6. Fewer waste products from conventional and electric cars will be less expensive or no expense at all to recycle.

There is a mounting problem with leftover EV car batteries and liquid by-products from conventional cars that is our environmental debt. No more personal cars will end this problem once and for all, find ways to use what is left of them now.

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