At the $40,000 Price Range, These Are the Best and Most Family-Friendly Compact SUVS of 2020

Dec 10, 2019 11:32 AM EST | Staff Reporter

These Are the Best Compact SUVS of 2020 for $40,000 That Is Best for the Family
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Some are cheaper but offer SUV advantages with car handling with an add-on that improves mobility. The compact SUV is now the new family car.

Looking for a brand-new owner that is just right for a family, without the chunk of a full-sized SUV? If that's what is required to replace the trusty compact family sedan, then this list of the best compact SUVs is perfect for you. For smaller families with limited space, this is the best solution as it comes in the size of a compact family car. 

Choosing a compact SUV over a larger one, will save on fuel cost but keep the high clearance and better safety afforded by it. Increase concern over choosing a sedan like safety is under scrutiny, with the impression SUVS are more secure. Another may be the unwillingness to tangle with an SUV in a vehicular accident that does not end well. Especially for those in the car at the end of the bumpers of an SUV. 

Overall besides particular concerns about driving safely, the compact SUVS are value for money. Yes, the $30,000-$40000 can be a stretch but offer carlike versatility and better mobility. These are key points why they have outsold sedan, two-to-one.

 Here is a selection of cars that should be on top of anyone's list, for the family SUV. All these offer features and performance as good family haulers. Top of the list: best compact SUVS of 2019

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1. GMC Terrain Denali
One look at it, this compact SUV and it will have similarities to bigger GMC SUVS. Families will love the luxury afforded for a compact SUV, has lots of chromed-parts, LED lights, and exclusive Denali trim for the package. Added upgrades are the suspension, leather seats, premium audio by Bose, and everything all in for this automotive package. Better yet, for a little more get a turbo-equipped power train. Nice?

 2. Acura RDX

 From the Honda badge, the Acura RDX will tick all the must-have boxes for one premium family SUV, without the chunk. This is redesigned from top to bottom, so it is not a CRV anymore, but new inside and out. It gets a new engine and all the extras included for a compact SUV. All the extra space needed is all here, no cramping inside.

3. Infiniti QX50
Families and this SUV are the right fit, with extra power provided by the VC-Turbo Engine that is economical and efficient compared to bigger SUVS. Carry more than enough luggage in the ample cargo bay. But, it comes with driver-assist and safety tech for our peace of mind. One extra is connectivity as icing on the cake, which makes it one rad family hauler built like a tank.

 4. Kia Sportage SX Turbo

 If one a budget for a new owner, get this as you family hauler and with all the coveted extra for less cost. Most of the trim inserted into its chassis and interior are graded for luxury SUVS, but will set you back for less. What's good is heated leather seats that are good for winter and is even ventilated, for a great bargain. This all the bang for the most bucks, family trips will never be the same.

5. Mazda CX-5 Signature
What is any list, without a Mazda in it? Made with KODO-Licious engineering and design, which is one of the sharpest SUVS on the list. Get the highest trim for all variants with a turbo engine and AWD as standard features. Get all the trimming with this Signature variant that has all the add-ons for less than $40,000. This family haulier is serious and great as the daily drive, what else is there to get?

Other cars in the list: Toyota RAV4 Limited Hybrid, Subaru Forester Touring, Lincoln Corsair

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