Stop Driving an Electric Car, They Are Not Very Eco-Friendly as Assumed

Dec 07, 2019 07:13 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Stop Driving an Electric Car They Are Not Very Eco-Friendly as Assumed
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All the hype about electric cars is now under the microscope, because of the recent finding of carbon emissions associated with it. EVs have some issues about them.which will be answered.

Before anything else is said and done, an electric car is considered the green Messiah for tree-huggers who embrace it. It seems there is more to it, and this is often overlooked when glossed over by the hype. This comes at a point when the electric car upsurge is in full swing, which puts a wrench into it. It may be hard to reconcile that electric car batteries are at the heart of the matter. For many who have embraced the benefits of EVs, this is a bitter pill.

One of the recent developments that point fingers at SUVS as the worst culprits, is now disproved. More Teslas and hybrids are now set in a negative light because of this. Many complaints about excessive discharge in cold weather is eclipsed by the recent finding of more carbon dioxide discharges than advertised. Put everything together, the EV is not so innocent and not so eco-friendly. It seems the SUVSkram tag is not a very valid point to argue, and EVs have a hand in polluting the environment.

To make electric batteries for EVs you need materials that should have zero energy and no carbon footprint. For the entire process, this is the Achilles Heel that deserves the most research and development. Unfortunately, this not the case which deserves correction, lessen the negative impact of activities associated with it. All the battery components are mined with great risk to the environment.

 Effects of mining for materials are environmental impact and how it affects those engaged in the mining process. This has been put to light as a serious negative that should be set right. But, it seems the priority is the prospering of the EV industry even if human lives are affected badly. Next time an EV drives by think of what came before it came to be.

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Positive action is on the horizon with the realization that sustainability is a big issue, along with recycling. Prioritizing development of new batteries that have less cobalt and more nickel is the mean target. Tesla is leading the charge to assure customers of better EV batteries and more sustainable processes. It is the only way for electric car makers to keep in business with zero energy and carbon footprint as the goal.

 Compared to traditional carmakers, who have more than enough time to solve the emission problem. Overall, there is a more concerted effort to solve problems the soonest, which is pro-active. This is related to how EVs will be designed and made, with more environment- friendly features, this will take time. As for how the combustion engine is only more efficient than it was forty years ago.

Nothing is perfect, there will be massive mistakes that lead to refinement of the electric car battery. As of now, it is no better than SUVS in increments regarding the environment. Tesla and the gang have a lot to lose and more to gain because there is no other option but to go forward. Electric vehicles are the future, and it can only get better, not worse.

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