If They Say Electric Cars Are Not Worth It, They Are Wrong

Dec 06, 2019 10:10 AM EST | Staff Reporter

If They Say Electric Cars Are Not Worth It, They Are Wrong
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Read this article and learn the truth about Electric cars, and see-through what is the real deal. This will prove naysayers and false assertions.

Are some perceptions about electric cars keeping you from buying one? Like about the carbon footprint it leaves behind, and the rumors about it not really promoting zero-emissions puts a downer on the urge to consider getting one. Or, is it every other hype and claim about it being the savior of our environment, which translates to a green car that causes a carbon debt.

Despite what the SUV fans say about the electric car, even Tesla cars are rapped for certain misconceptions too. Maybe all these loose comments will need to put down. Nothing is perfect, especially electric cars that are only now, beginning to gain steam. In the coming 2020, experts predict that EV will finally make it big. No more second-stringing to the combustion engine anymore. Here are the misconceptions purveyed by those who do not like EVs, to perpetuate these untruths. Once these are realized, it will be a boost for the electric cars' image.  Now, here are some important un-truths.

Untruth #1 The range is not enough, we need more, please.

Yes and no, that depends on what kind of EV you drive, which is something to consider. The Tesla Model S has more than 250+ miles on a single charge. If you prefer, then get a hybrid car that has a gas engine coupled with an electric motor. Some EV has distance problems, but others like the Porsche Taycan will offer more cruising distance.

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Untruth #2 Patience is a virtue, but EV is charging can make anyone go hamlet!

Not all EV charging is slow, because of Tesla fast chargers top-up electric car batteries enough in an hour or less. Cars like the Taycan has engineered fast charging, with a high capacity battery that is not found in other EVs.

Untruth #3 Electric cars cost a fortune, even for the cheap ones.

 The initial cost is big, even with a subsidy to help pay for it. Not using gas is better and will rack up a cheaper fuel bill that is cheaper. Another thing is EVs have a carbon footprint, but companies are working to avoid it with research to find answers,

Untruth #4 Honey the EV batteries are worn out, is the warranty still good?

This is not reliable, because most EVs are new and it takes a while to gain miles! Most electric car batteries wear from many reasons, the cause is not easy to determine. All this battery degradation is not always true, so it can be fixed.

Untruth #5 Are you riding a golf cart or your kid's toy car.

Compared to gas engine cars, most EVs accelerate fast because there are not too many moving parts except for the drive motors.

Untruth #6 Service centers for EVs are very scarce, and hard to find.

One thing to remember is that dealerships that stock EVs will have a service center, for these vehicles. Most automakers selling EVs, come with spare parts, and a technician to repair it too.

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