Top Facts that Makes 2020 Mercedes Benz GLB Right on the Money!

Nov 29, 2019 07:57 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Top Facts Why the Mercedes Benz 2020 Compact Glb Is on the Money!
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The Mercedes Benz 2020 Compact Glb is a premium SUV that comes in luxe trim, compared to other rivals. This compact option has everything it needs to a top-class option!

Shopping for a brand-new SUV, to replace an older SUV or upgrading from your cars? We have got the right one for you: the Mercedes Benz Compact 2020 GLB, it's got the stamp of German-engineered quality and excellent DNA from this automaker. You can go for more traditional choices, but this compact SUV offers bang for the buck.

Why not settle for this luxe SUV? It does not hurt that Mercedes spells luxury and performance in one box. Still, need convincing to help you decide? Have this as your daily drive, which is fuel-efficient, compared to bigger SUVS. Shopping is no problem, with a smaller size that fits into most parking lots. One thing is that it is big enough to get in and out of, why contort just to slither in. This SUV runner has it all and not ashamed to slum it!

Here are some things you would want to know:

Performance specs

Price is yet to release, so no word yet about it. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter engine, with either turbo or non-turbo variant to choose from. The gearbox is an 8-speed automatic, with AWD for Canadian variants. The mileage is dependent on whether it is a 250 or GLB 35 trim, depending on the variant.

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Style factor

Instead of sleek lines, this compact SUV has an emphasis on the boxy side of design. Keeping the angles and shapes to boxish yet modern styling, different from other SUVS. This affords more space inside, and getting in or out is not a feat! But, the Mercedes trademarks are very evident. 

Interior of the cabin

Lux trim is all here, with aluminum, leather seats, and selectable ambient light options! All seats are comfortable and with support for long rides. Equipped with an LCD cluster that is optimized for the driver to see readouts. Compare to other SUVS, this is one sweet ride with interior excellence.


The engine is a 2.0-liter engine that has an output of 210 hp, which is good enough (it's a Mercedes). One drawback is that it lacks the power of burlier SUVS, so no towing, please. Offers sport car-like performance when needed, not so much a sluggish diesel.

Tech trim

Equipped in the MBX infotainment system, with a high-tech LCD to give directions or an interface. Other extras are smart driver-assist functions, as standard features on all trim. What else would you need for an excellent SUV?

Cargo space

Bumping up the wheel-base will add more space, to place more load with seats tucked away. All the room needed when packing a lot of bags and stuff. In the third row, which has space for sports equipment. 

With these going for the Mercedes Benz 2020 Compact Glb, it is criminal not to even consider it. This SUV offers so much bang for the buck, imagine how good it rides and looks. This rated Class-A lux all the way.

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