You Have Been Driving the Wrong Way Every Single Winter You've Lived Through

Dec 03, 2019 10:33 AM EST | Staff Reporter

You Have Been Driving the Wrong Way in Winter!
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When driving the wrong way is not beneficial, try to drive the right way in winter. This will lessen wear and tear and make the car more fuel-efficient!

Sure, driving does cost money. Owning a car does too, as well as maintaining it. But, did you know that the way you drive may make a difference in the expenses you incur?  Surely, you have a slight inkling that there is a connection between how we drive and the amount of money we spend in operating the car?

Experienced drivers who drive in snowy places are very familiar with it. Of course, these tips are for optimizing every drop used in the winter. Another is keeping the wear and tear of the cold at minimal. Though, most will have winterized by the first snowflake on the ground. Incidentally, both electric and combustion engine cars are on the same boat. A major difference is how affected they are by the cold. To be fair, both have their share of problems, but EVs need more improvements. We are listing all the tips that help in achieving saving, per tankful of gas used. Here they are.

1. Never idle the engine, shut it down when not needed.

 Warming up in the winter morning is normal to heat up the engine. This, not an ace move which wastes fuel. One way to save up is to run the engine when you need to, not because it must be done. Some cars come with this auto-idling that shuts down one of the cylinders. If your car has this, then good for you.

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2. Do not slam the pedal, on fast roads even if you can.

Slowdown on autobahn like roads, you do not need to drive that fast. Driving fast burns more fuel and wastes it, plus coats the inner engine parts with carbon deposits. Which end up eating the metal inside the engine. Another is more carbon emissions are released with driving like this, so slow down and keep your car running longer.

 3. See the readings on the tach, to check the revs of the car.

 When the car is on the move, look over the tach and check readout. Experienced drivers know when they are gunning the engine too high when looking at it. A louder engine means it has more revolutions, burning up more fuel. Settle for enough revs that conserve fuel better or free-wheel with enough momentum. 

4. More fuel is less, in winter avoid filling up to the brim.

Filling up the tank is usual, but it adds extra-weight on the car that uses more fuel. In winter, tires fight for traction and grip on snowy and icy roads. Forcing the sensors to compensate more to have stability and control while moving forward.

5. Slow down on the speed bumps amigo. You are a stunt driver.

Instead of speeding up, find a way to get over them with less fuel.  Approach with caution and use fuel wisely, is the best option.

Instead of driving the wrong way, this list and guide will show the right way. These tips save fuel and keep you running all winter long!

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