Remove Snow Better with the Best 4 Snow Scrapers for your Car

Nov 26, 2019 10:59 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Is scraping snow off your car not getting the right results? Get the right performance from the best 4 snow scrapers with better results, when winter months bring snow, sleet, and snowstorms in tow! Every morning taking of all that snow is a chore for everyone. Get the right snow scraper just right for your needs and removing the most snow off.

Scrimping is not advised when getting a product that only adds to more effort. Get the right one, whether it is not so cheap, will save effort and money. There are many models to choose from and several types. But beware of getting the wrong one. No such thing as a tool for all uses, but some products are designed for that. It depends where you live and what kind of car it will be used on. Get any of them in the list, whatever is fancied.

1. Mallory USA 532 Snow Brush

Price on Amazon with link- $4.09

Rating- 4.4/5 Stars

Why get it:

Choose this one if you want a storable snow scraper. With a length to service medium height cars to reach all the places needed. Removing heavy snow is easy with four rows of durable brush tips to get the job done. Equipped with durable 4-inched scraper chips of any kind of ice and a brush to sweep snow off! The shaped soft foam for better grip and comfort of use when using it to remove ice and snow. Get several color options to pick from, not just a one color. This brush is what you need when snow is not heavy, so it can be stored easily in the car.


Get this brush for a smaller car to medium car, as long as it reaches the roof. Scraping ice is easier with a 4-inch scraper part. Affordable at less than $5 and a needed for winter use.

2. BIRDROCK HOME Snow MOOver 55"

Price on Amazon with link- $32.96
Rating- 4.2/5 Stars

Why get it:
Equipped with a 360- swivel head that makes angling to remove snow easier compared to other choices. Leength at 55-inches it works on bigger cars better to reach snow for scraping and sweeping without difficulty. The removable ice scraper for snow is useful when this part is the only one needed. The parts like the foam head brush, ice scraper, and extending shaft are versatile components for better utility. Hold it with foam grips for extreme comfort because it is ightweight and easy to use for everyone. Very good and useful design with easy handling too.

One of the best snow scrapper for trucks and SUVS, good for smaller cars too. This will do wel and it is worth $32.96.

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3. AmazonBasics Extendable Car Snow Brush Scraper

Price on Amazon with link- $19.99
Rating- 4.3/5 Stars

Why get it:
Other products do not have a limited one-year warranty, but it has one. If you do not like it, then use the warranty if you want. Perfect for cleaning snow off tall vehicles like SUVs, vans, and truck with its length. The ice is removed by thick bristles with a 10-inch wide blade, including an extra squeegee. Extendable from 32 to 55 inches for all cars that is one good feature to consider. Get one for your big cars if you like/
Pick this long brush for tall cars or if want to reach parts easier. Very affordable and at $19.99 and with warranty, it is a steal!

4. True Temper ABTT5212 Telescoping Snow Brush 52-inch

Price on Amazon with link- $29.05 (List Price: $33.99)
Rating- 4.8/5 Stars

Why get it:

 Uniquely designed with features unlike other snow brushes, but still affordable. The EVA foam brush is used to clean without scraping the cars finish at all. Easy to reach small nooks and crannies with wiper wells as extra options. The pivot head to access hard to reach parts compared to static brush heads. With extendable handles and cushion grip for better control when cleanign the car is one advantage over shorter ones. A longer reach with the ice scraper will make it easy to remove hard to reach.
Get this snow brush for SUVS and bigger cars that is better than shorter brushes. Wee bit on the pricier side with more features.

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