5 of the Best Snow Tires to Buy When Choosing for Your Car

Nov 22, 2019 08:25 AM EST | Staff Reporter

All the top 5 best car snow tires are needed in winter. Getting one with the best features will be a smart choice! Better pair them with snow chains too, do not scrimp on them.

 1. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

Used on most compact car, sedans, coupes, and minivans but models for SUVS are available.

 A combo of circumferential and laterals grooves that pull away water and slush, and snow from the channels. Equipped with Zig Zag sipes, to grip the road better. The rubber has anti-water coat that has micro-bite particles. They are excellent choices when choosing a snow tire. A next-gen model the WS90 is out, and the WS80 is on discount.

Bad: No warranty and expensive.
Good: Good traction for all vehicles.
Get it: One of the top picks.

2. Michelin X-Ice Xi3

Perfect for most coupes, sedans, small crossovers, and family vans. Excellent rolling resistance saves fuel. Silica compound with shoulder and intermediate tread blocks channel snow, water, and slush. The Cross Z-Sipes offer better traction and grip in winter and wet conditions. Carries over good high speed handling overall. Inside are twin steel belts and a wounded spiral nylon too. Check the indicator when to change tires. Helps to keep ice and snow grip at optimum.

Bad: Heavy on the pocket.
Good: Good rolling qualities and warranties.
Get it: One of the top picks but with a warranty,

3. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

They are run-flats that come in handy, with standard tires as well. Perfect in cold weather but not so much with snow performance. High-density sipes will improve shorter braking distance. Its rubber compound is good for winter and uses a directional pattern with large patches. Arrow center blocks and rounded corners are good with channelling water and slush. Do not expect strong snow performance compared to cheaper tires. No warranties with short service life, but mucho expensive.

Bad: Bad overall and expensive.
Good: Good ice and snow performance. A run flat option is available.
Get it: For run flats it is good.

4. Firestone Winterforce 2

Better ride quality with dual steel belts and polyester covering. Affordable price, if the stud option is preferred. A selection of sizes that come with a good warranty. Choosing this snow tire offers more for the buck. Recommended for places that will need studs for winter running. The warranty is covered for five years with a workmanship warranty and materials too. Inset with deep grooves and wide lateral notches, with open channels to pull slush and snow. Including avoiding hydroplaning on water.

Bad: Mix reactions about it.
Good: Studdable and relatively good, with a warranty.
Get it: This tire can be studded.

5. Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT

One solid tire with several models to choose from. Equipped with sipes for traction and grip. Combo of 2D and 3 D sipes for better braking. The warranty is good, buyers are not all satisfied with it. Corner handling is something to consider before getting it.

Bad: Corner handling and service life.
Good: Different sipes for grip. Many sizes and models to get with good warranty as well.
Get it: Best option with some negatives. 

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