LA Auto Show 2019: 6 Reasons Why There are More e-SUVs This Year

Nov 22, 2019 03:48 AM EST | Staff Reporter

LA Auto Show 2019: why there are more E SUVS This Year
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Observing the cars on display and teased at the 2019 LA Auto Show there are quite many SUVS. Every year motor shows are crawling with them, and a new kind of SUV is emerging. Which explains why several e-SUVS are littering the exhibition floor.

Observing the cars at the 2019 LA Auto Show, it is easily noticeable for everyone the sheer number of SUVs on display. Not only at the 2019 Auto Show, but every year motorshows are crawling with SUV brands. As an emerging trend, the electric version, the e-SUVs, are starting to gain traction. Hence, the unsurprising presence at the exhibition floor.

For many brands that want to make it big, this is the place to be. With the SUV getting a huge makeover, it is highly expected to make a huge impact on the auto industry later on. Nevertheless, the LA Auto Show also showcased a good number of other cars, equipment and SUVs which seems to be either going hybrid or electric just like their counterparts.

Tesla was the event highlight in the previous years, but with these new energy vehicles (NEVs) on the rise, they seem to have taken a bit out of Tesla's pie. While it seems easy enough for large companies to tread on these new creations, these newly manufactured brands do not seem like they are resting on their laurels either. Nevertheless, there's still the Tesla Y crossover and Cybertruck, both of which are expected to join in on the party. One of the biggest reveals is the Mustang E-SUV which seems to loom over the others. Ford and the gang are not far behind with their hybrid SUVS in tow. Toyota and other Nippon carmakers have presented compact and mid-sized E-SUVS.

The emphasis on these electrified or hybridized SUVS is in getting the car industry out of the picture as an environment-wrecker. Whether it is about going green, getting gas and electric combo in the hood, or shifting to pure electric, these initiatives are all bold moves in an attempt to win the green market over! Expect more well-known model to get a hybrid or EV facelift soon!

1. More charging grids everywhere.

More charging grids are set up with more EVs in use. This encourages carmakers to try their hand in this market. Many see expansive grids that will add more EVs on the road.

 2. e-SUV are getting more sales.

 ICE is getting more competitive with the development of electric vehicle technology. New technology like EV tech offers more than combustion engine technology.

 3. e-SUVS are a natural evolution for the category.

 Shifting demands for zero emissions is driving big carmakers to continue SUV with a new engine. Development of powerful motors for premium e-SUVS is proof of that. Fords hybrids and e-SUVS are getting as much power as conventional SUVS.

4. There are incentives offered for electric vehicles as alternatives.

 The tree-hugging movement has spurred lawmakers to create a measure to have more EVs on the road. Hybrids are also included for those who are not confident with EV technology. Government subsidy is providing money to bankroll those who can afford e-SUVS.

 5. e-SUVS are getting more upgrades as more are sold.

 Technology is poured into e-SUVS to make them more efficient shed off their bad image. Introduction of e-SUVS have a niche in the US auto market.

6. Most e-SUVS are getting winterized by their parent companies.

Carmakers are getting smart by making EVS more winterized into the next generation with better power cells. Including was to add more insulation for less heat loss.

The LA Motor Show 2019 is a window to what comes next! Expect e-SUVS and hybrids rolling out sooner than expected.

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