Tips to Starting a Car That is Not Equipped with an Engine Block Heater

Nov 20, 2019 03:56 AM EST | Staff Reporter

  Best Tips to Starting a car that is Not Equipped with an Engine Block Heater in Wintertime
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How to get cars starting when everything is below zero, all over? Starting a car is best done with an engine block heater. Unfortunately, not all cars come with it, equipped at cost!

Living in places where winter gets full-blown freezing can be extremely inconvenient. How do you get your car to start when everything is below zero? 

Starting a car in extremely cold temperatures is of course most easily accomplished with an engine block heater. Unfortunately, not all cars come equipped with it, and to have one installed can cost a pretty penny.

An expert at Honda Motors had this to say about the dilemma. The car has sensors to know what the conditions are inside and outside of the engine. Also, how well easily starting the engine is in such circumstances. These systems allow for the right mix of fuel and air to generate an explosive combustion in the engine manifold.

All this precision is good for normal starting conditions though. To get the engine warm enough, it needs to manage a cold start.

1. Keep the engine properly tuned up and use fresh synthetic oil

Make sure fuel injectors are maintained according to the owner's manual, the spark plug is serviceable, and all ignition parts are optimal. Maintain the oil levels in your car by conducting routine checks, as well as regularly scheduled oil changes.

2. Check the battery

If the battery is almost two years old, have it checked. This can usually be done at any garage or vehicle maintenance center. 

3. Get a jump starter boost pack for the car in winter

Consider buying a jump starter boost pack when winter sets in. This could save you from being stranded in the cold. In most cases, this may be your only defense against cold weather.

4. Consider block heater alternatives if the car is not equipped

As we are aware, not all cars have engine block heaters. This is usually an optional feature for the car. When buying a new car you should always check if heater is equipped.

5. Smart options for energy use like WIFI apps

Utilize block heater timers for controlled starting and shutting down. Use a WiFi controlled system to monitor the block heater. 

6. Use other alternatives to heat up engine block

Here are other low-cost options that can be used.

 a. Attach glue on pan heaters- Applied externally on oil pan.

 b. In-line coolant heaters placed inside the coolant hose.

 c. Battery warmers covers the battery to mitigate loss of energy during winter months.

The best course of action to ensure that your car will always start is preventive maintenance and conducting routine checks. Being proactive with the condition of your car will protect you and your family in the long run.

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