Equipping Your Emergency Kit with Light-Weight Thermal Blankets

Nov 18, 2019 10:17 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Taking things too far with these light-weight thermal blankets is okay. If you think this is more suitable for a doomsday prep kit. You are wrong because come the chilling ice and snow that should be part of winter car essentials. Doomsday may not come, but this comes in handy too. Including this affordable way to ward off cold. It even comes in a set of packs that are best for a family of four!

There is little chance of freezing to death in a car. Except, if the battery has gone dead. Got your EV stuck in the cold, or conventional car that cannot be dug out! It is not a deathly situation, but this item will give comfort from the cold. After an hour or two, a car battery is good. But, cold discharges even a conventional car fast! More so if the car is an EV that has gone below 20% operational charge. Still not convinced? More information about why these thermal blankets will be invaluable.

Space Age technology used on Earth!
Magic is not what it is, but hardcore science applied in a cheap and affordable emergency device. Attaching aluminum applied by vaporizing into a lightweight plastic layer. Thin and light, which are flexible that keeps the skin warm, when in contact! So, it traps heat effectively in a very portable and light emergency blanket. It works that way keeping the body warm despite such thinness. Storing more than one is good for winter car essentials.

Made of Mylar
Compared to other materials used for other thermal blankets. This is crazy lightweight and thin for easy storage! Some might call it BoPET or biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate made by NASA for space use. It looks so similar to tinfoil!

 Operationally call it a Mylar thermal blanket. This is mad scientist grade stuff that fits into a small packet. Pop the package to reveal a man-sized emergency cover.

Ask any survivalist or rescue team member who swears by its utility and utter simplicity of use. Placed in small personal survival or first aid kit. Emergencies like "dead cars", snowed-in, or trapped cars will need this cheap and life-saving device. Need anything to be said, anymore?

Major pointers to choose the right one
Before buying one, be sure to get one with these features. Get more than one and do not scrimp.
a. Made of Mylar
b. Thin and lightweight

c. Comes in more than on quantity
d. Easily storable

1. Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (4-Pack)

2. Primacare HB-10 Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blanket

3. Zenwells Emergency Blanket Bulk (5 Pack or 10 Packs)

4. ANCwear Emergency Blanket 12 Pack

5. Emergency Blanket XL (6 Pack)

A simple device that is a lynchpin for personal warming as one of the winter car essentials. Everything from lightweight and thermal-retention of body heat is covered by it. Choose any of these thermal Mylar blankets before wintertime hits. Safety is everyone's lookout. Especially with loved ones on the road whenever it is needed.

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