Save money renting a car with a VPN

Nov 15, 2019 02:54 PM EST | Staff Reporter

Save money renting a car with a VPN

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Who doesn't love saving money? When you're planning a trip with a rental car or you need a rental car for some reason, you probably know there are tons of differences in prices. You might get a headache comparing different cars and different websites and scoff at the prices! But did you know that using a VPN can save you a lot of money? Yes, your Virtual Private Network can help you out while booking a rental car. Let us explain ... 

What a VPN does

A VPN connects you to a server of choice in your own country or another country. This means your IP address gets replaced by the IP address of the server you're using. This gives you anonymity online, hides you from potential hackers and lets you access geo-restricted content and websites. This last factor is what can save you money while booking a rental car.

The rental websites are able to see your IP address and thus the country/area you reside in. This is connected to the prices, because car rental companies use what's called "price discrimination'. In short, this means that different prices are offered to different countries. The exact same rental car can cost more or less, depending on the country you try to book it from. Most people book everything from their home country and don't think about the fact that the prices may vary per country. Luckily you can outsmart this system! 

Using a VPN to score good deals

By switching to another VPN server, you can trick these websites into thinking you're in a different country. This way, the abovementioned price discrimination isn't an issue anymore. For instance, you want to go on a road trip in the United States, starting in Los Angeles. You've added your pick-up, drop-off point and dates and you get to the price, but you think it's rather high. It would make sense to check the price from an American server and see what the locals pay for the same car. Chances are it's less! You might even get a better deal from other countries. With some servers, you'll see the prices go up, while with others they go down. It's a bit of a trying game, but if you love a good deal, it's worth it! 

Book a rental car with your VPN

Are you ready to use your VPN to find a good price for your next road trip from California to Texas? Or can you already see you driving around the Italian rivièra? In just a few short steps, you can be ready to book your rental car with the best possible price.

Step one: choose your GOOSE VPN subscription. Handy little fact: GOOSE VPN can be used on all your devices. This way, you can check out prices from your laptop, computer, tablet and smartphone. 

Step two: download GOOSE VPN in a few simple steps.

Step three: delete your browser history, your cookies and turn on incognito mode. This tricks the website into believing it's the first time you're visiting that website.

Step four: choose a server and check out the prices for your rental car. Do you think you can save more? Then there's a step five for you!

Step five: delete your cookies again and switch servers. Repeat this until you've found the best price possible! 

We hope you can score a good deal on your rental car!

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