9 Winter Essentials and Gear You Must Carry in Your Car

Nov 08, 2019 04:29 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Winter Essentials and Gear You Will Need to Replace Tires and Do Minor Repairs if Needed
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Another winter essential that should be included in your car kit are the following items. Included in the list are gear that should be vital too. Tires cannot be replaced by using your hands and other minor repairs without the proper provisions.

Winter season is just around the corner, so prep up for the harsher conditions on the road! If you still don't have them, check out these winter essentials and gears that should be included in your car emergency kit.

Included in the list are gear that should be vital too. Tires cannot be replaced by using your hands and other minor repairs without the proper provisions. Without these winter essentials, driving on the road will surely be troublesome. No one wants to wait outside in the cold, specially with low visibility and other winter hazards, so prep up!

1. Car jack for raising the car when replacing the tire.

Among many winter essentials, the jack is the most important piece of kit to replace a flat tire. There are several types available, but the crocodile jack is the best! Screw jacks and bottle jacks are good, though tedious to use. But keep a jack always or be sorry.

2. The extra spare tire should always be in the trunk and inflated.

Never forget an extra tire that is also a snow tire. Mix and match sets can be dangerous in the snow. Make sure that it is inflated well. And while you're at it, do not forget to equip a snow chain too.

 3. Have cable tie wires to fasten part of the car that gets loose in the snow.

Sometimes parts will get loose due to your fastener. Keeping tie wires will help in fastening them and prevent it from falling. This works for falling bumpers, askew tube, and anything that gets in the way.

4. Gather a supply of anti-freeze and other essential car fluids.

Make a list and include anti-freeze, oil, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid in the set. If there is a lack of fluids that might cause problems. Especially if there small leaks that are fixed, but need a top-up! 

 5. Have a basic tool kit on hand all the time.

Your basic tool kit should include open wrenches, screwdrivers, grip wrench, and other basic tools that come to mind to help remove fasteners and everything that needs to be replaced. Some tools are pro-quality, which are optional. Never leave without it when travelling.

6. Get a ratchet set for easy removal of nuts and bolts.

The best option for removing fasteners and bolts is a ratchet set. Ratchets comes in several attachments for easy removal compared to just a wrench! However, they are a bit more expensive than open wrenches.

 7. Electric tape should be available for wires.

 Electric wires can get frayed after a while. The electric tape is used to cover then or connect to wires together. 

8. A portable compressor with lights for the tires.

A portable compressor comes in handy when the tires are too soft and need inflating. Use the compressor to do that.

9. Tire sealant for flat or low-pressure tires and extra snow chains.

If tires are totally flat and are punctured as well, then a tire-sealant is your life-saver. Use this spray to fill up the interior until a service station is nearby.

Getting prepped with all these winter essentials including the gear is part of conserving safety for all motorists. Getting all minor problems fixed is important to reach a mechanic of garage asap! Safe driving everyone.

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