Six Reasons to Get an Extended Car Warranty

Nov 06, 2019 09:33 PM EST | Staff Reporter

Six Reasons to Get an Extended Car Warranty

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Many drivers don't even consider getting an extended warranty for their cars, despite there being many excellent reasons for doing so. Although some drivers can indeed benefit more than others from purchasing an extended car warranty, there are plenty of reasons why everyone can benefit from getting one. Check out the following six reasons so you can decide if getting an extended warranty is right for you.

1. You Can Keep Your Car for a Longer Time

Many car owners will use their cars long after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. That could be because you cannot afford to get a new car or you simply like the one you have. Car owners tend to keep their vehicles for several years, which are much longer periods than the two or three years of your manufacturer's warranty. An extended car warranty can, therefore, help to protect your vehicle for longer. That means you can ensure your car continues to run smoothly, so you have no extra costs or hassles to handle.

2. You Can Save Money in the Long Run

An extended warranty will cover the expense of many routine repairs and problems that your car could have in the future. The cost of an extended warranty is often very reasonable compared to the expense of repairs and maintenance. For instance, according to FindReviews, if you need to repair a BMW's fuel pump, it can cost around $700. If you need to replace a BMW's transmission, it can cost more than $7,000. So, by getting an extended warranty, you can save money in the long run and have a healthier car for a longer time.

3. You Can Avoid Extra Costs If You Drive Your Car Frequently

If you drive your car more than most people, perhaps because you have a driving job or a long commute to work, it's worth your while investing in an extended auto warranty. That's because using your car more often can lead to more frequent repairs. You can avoid paying out for each repair by getting an extended warranty. This extra level of protection is especially a recommendation if you drive your car more than 20,000 miles a year.

4. You Have More Options Than You Think

Many car owners mistakenly think they can only purchase an extended warranty from the dealer or original equipment manufacturer of their vehicles. That is simply untrue. So, if you're putting off getting an extended warranty due to that hassle and cost, you need to know you can buy extended warranties from other firms that provide more competitive rates. Many companies offer options to buy an extended warranty even after your original warranty has expired. You also have the opportunity to analyze different coverage plans to suit your specific requirements.

5. It's Worth Getting an Extended Warranty If Multiple Drivers Use Your Car

If you have a car that's being driven by multiple people regularly, it can put additional stress on your car parts. That's because different accelerating and braking habits can put extra strain on your car parts over time, which will lead to more breakdowns and more frequent repairs. With an extended car warranty, you'll have protection when that happens.

6. An Extended Warranty Gives You Peace of Mind

It may seem obvious, but it's important to highlight that an extended warranty gives you peace of mind. Knowing that any repairs that need doing are covered, so you do not have to pay out costly sums and experience hassles, allows you to not worry about dealing with and paying for problems when they occur. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy driving your car regularly, worry-free.

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