Through the Looking Glass and Into Future Motor Trends: What to Expect in the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Oct 23, 2019 04:05 AM EDT | Staff Reporter


Like Alice, all the future motor trends will be a window to the much-awaited 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. All these cars will be what the presenters hope to hit big in 2020 or beyond. Current motor trends change every year, but the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show is where everything starts.

 Toyota Copen GR Sport (Collaboration with Daihatsu)

 This car is not electric, although the Copen GR Sport is a pocket rocket that is a look back to an older generation of small roadsters. Designed with rigid chassis, and inclusion of a front brace and center support for better handling. Made to drive well and with Gazoo inspired driving.

 Toyota LQ Concept Car

 Curiously it has AI (Yui) that will choose the playlist, and even take over driving when needed. Equipped with level 4 autonomous driving capacity is an advantage. Another function is that it uses headlights to tell what the passengers and pedestrian should do. That is one smart car.

Toyota Ultra-Compact BEV

 Ultra-Compact Battery-Electric Vehicle (BEV) is the ultimate city car. Running on electricity, with a top speed of 60+ mph. An agile car, and small which is perfect for the city. This small two-seater is made for driving in the city where there is traffic and parking is easier with it.

 Lexus EV concept

 No exact detail was given about it. A two-second video was teased in the motor show. Showing hints of how it will look like. Chances are that it is smaller EV for city driving, with infotainment included. It is everybody's guess how it will be like.

 Mitsubishi Mi-Tech concept

 This concept car is PHEV with four motors equipped for all wheels. It is unique because it has a gas turbine for better performance with the hybrid component. Stylistically, it is dune buggy form with wide fended and open-roofed. This two-seater electric buggy is designed sleek and modern.

 Nissan IMk concept

 The IMk concept is present as a Nissan Cube and with interior space as emphasis. Nothing much is known, except for how it looks.

 Mazda EV

 Nothing is obvious yet but like the Lexus. It offered glimpses through a video presentation. For sure is that styling is sharp, though other details are under wraps for now.

 Honda Jazz (Honda Fit)

 On the fourth generation of the Jazz/Fit, some major changes are the styling and a hybrid type engine that will be slated for Europe. It is up in the air if it will reach the US market. Though next-gen, the fit is getting old, and it will be eclipsed by more modern concept cars.

 Subaru WRX STI EJ20 Final Edition

Rallye inspired sedans were the rage, now electric is moving in. The Final Edition will be on the final curtain call for the model. A raffle system will determine who gets one for the Japan spec. There might be some differences with the EJ20 final edition from the US-spec.

 Other cars featured in the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show are the Subaru Levorg, Suzuki Hanare concept, Suzuki Waku Spo concept, Toyota Yaris (Japanese spec), Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon concept. All these showrunners are examples of futuristic motor trends that will influence the automotive industry.

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